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She could not resist any more. The terrible urge seemed to take control over her brain, making her fishnet clad body bend over and stand on her fours, her crotch sticking in the air with all possible indecency. She did not care about morals, she need


Not even a single attempt
2012-06-02 16:36:00
Sometimes you gotta watch out and spot things before they develop into something bad. Just like this time. Watch our guy here keep an eye on his girlfriend. As soon as he sees her launching an online messenger on her computer with a clear intention to chat with his brother, he does not waste a second. He knows they might as well be plotting to have sex! Before she knows, he nails her real hard, pushing all thoughts of infidelity out with his throbbing dick. She knew she deserved that, so she welcomed every thrust however hard! Link
A message which ruined things
2012-06-02 16:36:00
It was a peaceful evening but in fact it was the quiet before the storm. The girlfriend's mobile buzzed with a new message. Who could it be? Our guy could not resist a glance, after all, it was kinda late. Damn it! A naughty message from his own brother! These two assholes definitely have a story of sin. Desperate, the girl offered a consolation fuck. Little did she know he decided to use it to get back to her with some really, really rough punishment fuck instead. It was so hard, but she did not mind. What guilt can do, huh! Furious, the guy covered the slut with cum and some cash, just like a hooker she was. Link
Studying for the test, again and again
2011-09-07 08:08:00
The guy knew his girlfriend wasn't the smartest of all students in the world. Imagine his surprise when he finally saw her with the books! Little did he know something dirty was on her mind again. As if nothing had happened before, she asked him to call his brother to help her with getting ready for this important test. Damn you, bitch, everybody knows he boned you last time you were studying together! The guy flies into an immediate rage and gives her a lesson, this time, in taking furious cock up all her sorry holes. She took every second as a deserved repercussion, this bitch. Link
It's all about the shirt
2011-09-07 08:08:00
We know many girls like men's shirts and many even wear them. But sometimes this can bring trouble! Check out the hapless girl here letting her secret lover's shirt lie around in the place where she lives with his brother, her boyfriend! Of course he spotted it at some point and was in a rage like the devil himself. Check out the subsequent punishment sex scene. Blindfolded with the very same shirt to degrade her even more, the girl was nothing but a guilty toy in his hands. But she knew she had it coming! Stupid bitch took every thrust like absolution. Link
Remembering that dirty jog
2011-09-07 08:08:00
When your girlfriend has done something this filthy, you remember it easily. Last time the guy was jogging with his gf, they bumped into his brother who tricked her into having sex with him. This time, when the dude sees her getting ready for another bit of running, it triggers the memories of that awful day. Watch as he reclaims his rights and has rough sex with the ashamed slut, fucking those memories out of her sexy body. No need to jog after such a nasty fuck, that's for sure! Link
No more parties for you, bitch
2011-09-07 08:08:00
They did not have any specific plans for that night. And there she is, showing up happy and excited, saying there's a party. Apparently his brother gave her the flyers. Those fuckers still had something going on. He could not but help remembering this last time. A party ended with her and his brother having sex! This was too much for him to handle. She could not go to the party because he gave her a punishment fuck so hard she could barely walk. Ashamed, she took it all almost willingly. And she never complained - some great guilt manipulation here! Link
The poor pet didn't do a thing!
2011-09-07 08:08:00
Sometimes it looks innocent but conceals some dirty mystery. Just like this time! Watch the girlfriend play with their pet carelessly. It could have been sweet, if she hadn't had sex with her boyfriend's brother trying to leave the pet at his place while they were away! Memories rushed through the guy's brain, and rage mixed with extreme arousal. The punishment came in the shape of a rough fuck, something she knew she had deserved. Link
Twat games
2011-02-12 07:50:00
Tied to the rack and gagged, she was trembling, waiting for her master to come and take control over her dripping cunt. I approached her and went down on her hairless slit, poking it deeper and deeper with my fingers and then sucking the juice out of it with a vacuum pump. She shivered as I replaced the hot suck feeling with the cold touch of medical steel. Her twat looked begging for penetration, and I gave her someLink
Hole decoration and some oral
2011-02-12 07:50:00
Her labia were filled with blood, swollen and inviting, but I had plans for the other orifice. Watch as I decorate her brown hole with a shiny piece of anal jewelry. Her anal hole plugged, I could finally pay attention to a damp slit below. I fondled it for a while before my cock got so stiff I had to use her mouth to get off.Link
Caught and used in a web
2011-01-02 14:29:00
Do you know this blood-boiling feeling similar to being a spider with a helpless victim in a web in front of it? Humans and spiders surely have something in common. Still, as a human I am more advanced in terms of punish methods ?? have a look what I have in stock for this one. Vacuum pump, sparkling dildos, a thick strapon tool and more. This sexy fly will love itLink
Cold steel and torn cloth in the dungeon
2011-01-02 14:29:00
Modest white underwear, a frightened face and limbs fastened. What can be more perfect together Feel me cutting though your shirt with my sharp scissors. Enjoy the coldness of steel on your nipples? I can almost smell your fear blending with excitement. Your hole is dripping pink, so I shove a toy in there to help you get off a bit.Link
Mean steel punish
2011-01-02 14:29:00
I like the idea of contrast. Just like here, where I replace the warmth and softness of my fingers with the coldness of hard steel. While these intricate tools bite into her pussy, nipples and lips, I take my time to savor the taste of her budding nipples. Of course, I don't miss her dripping pink hole as wellLink
Tying oneself
2010-04-16 11:33:00
A person would not normally tie oneself up. But normal is way too boring, isn't it? I love this self-inflicted movement deprivation as a way to make a conflict between two sides of my personality. I don't make it too rough, just restraining enough, and pretend to try struggling my way out. Soon it gets too hot and I have to free my hands and take care of the moist cunt.Link
Lots of piercing steel
2010-04-16 11:33:00
With your limbs attached, you are my canvas and I am the artist. Want to have a look at my arsenal of paints? They??re cold, hard, sharp and piercing. I??ll throw these on your body in most sensitive regions and savor the taste of your excited flesh. Beg for more, I know you enjoy having your pink punishd by steelLink
Tied and swollen jugs
2010-03-14 18:49:00
I approach my victim from behind, trying not to make any noise, so that her only feeling would be the touch of my hands tying the ropes together, which hold her legs just so tight. Aren??t her sizeable boobs really great? Just the perfect size for some sweet tying punish. Watch me tying these huge pieces of flesh with soft ropes which makes the jugs swollen and filled with hot blood, looking like they are going to explode with sweet juiceLink
Clothes-pegs on the bottom...
2010-03-14 18:49:00
Clothes-pegs on the bottom of the tits and on the genitals. This is either the pain or the pleasure. It depends on what you do after this with the slave girl. If you dare thrusting a huge vibrator deep into her pussy, be sure to have her exploding in a wild orgasm. If you start whipping and lashing her, you??ll see her screaming in tears and begging you to stop this.Link
Ravished holes
2010-01-18 09:36:00
She could not resist any more. The terrible urge seemed to take control over her brain, making her fishnet-clad body bend over and stand on her fours, her crotch sticking in the air with all possible indecency. She did not care about morals, she needed to have her cravings fulfilled. The guy did not keep her waiting for too long and plunged into her pulsating hole doggy style, making a relieving moan leave her lips.Link
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