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Sexy Beauty Nadine Alexandra Dewi Ames
2011-09-10 07:41:00
Nadine Alexandra Dewi Ames is the holder of the title of Miss Indonesia 2010 from October 8, 2010, as a representative of Jakarta 4. The girl who used to be called Nadine was born in England, May 23, 1991, from an Indo father and mother who came from Java, named Nurjanah.Nadine major in English and fluent in English and French. In 2007, Nadine moved to Indonesia and lived in JL. Milling Kingdom, Garden, U2 Pulo Indah Blok No.1 East Jakarta.When elected Miss Indonesia, Nadine admits she still has not fluent in Indonesia, and this was evident when he nervously answered questions from the jury.Nadine itself listed as a student of Bath Spa University Department of Film and Screen Studies, and everyday likes to fill his time with hip-hop dancing.
Beauty Kimberly Ryder
2011-08-28 23:12:00
Blessed are those who are born with a face Indo. Opportunity to appear in the world of entertainment homeland is always flowing, never-ending. Sort this one, several times her face was sticking out as the star of several television movie on the screen. And now, a star named Kimberly Ryder appeared in the teen film directed by Chika titled Rocky Soraya. What is it like Kim? "Absolutely thrilled. Many exciting experience that I could get fit to play this movie, "said Kimberly started her story when we met some time ago." There I be her friend Chika. Ayunda her name. " Chika The difference with the main character of ordinary people. The figure Ayunda here according to the story of a young actress who are pursuing careers and full of ambition. "Anyway he did what he wanted, including dump her boyfriend for another guy glancing" said Kimberly. Are you well? "It's not a guy in the dump anyway. If I had since the age of 4-5 years already chimed in theaters so, "so this explains...
Lisa Surihani
2011-08-27 20:16:00
Lisa Surihani binti Mohamed (born March 23, 1986 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) is a Malaysian actress. Lisa graduated in law from Help University College and Aberystwyth University in Wales, United Kingdom. Her first television appearance was in Gergasi in TV1 and later Ayah Kami. She first acted in films 'Goodbye Boys' and recently Sekali Lagi with Malaysian actor Shaheizy Sam. She was given the Best Actress award at the 23rd Malaysian Film Festival.
Beautiful Girls World Champion Microsoft Excel
2011-08-27 15:40:00
This beautiful British teenagers are the most good at using Microsoft Excel 2007 software. The proof, he became world champion '2011 Worldwide Competition on Microsoft Excel 'which took place in San Diego, USA. Unmitigated, Rebecca Rickwad - the teen-aside so many rivals from around the world. Cambridgeshire 15-year-old girl was to be the best among the 228 thousand participants. In the top event in San Diego, 79 finalists competed. Rebecca grabbed the top position and is entitled to a $ 5,000 or approximately USD 42 million. "It's awesome, I'm not expecting to win it," she said happily, as reported by the Telegraph. In this competition, participants are required to work on a limited test of time to work on an Excel spreadsheet. Unexpectedly, he became the most reliable. His win was pretty special because he is the winner of the only one who came from countries outside of Asia. Champion in the competition Word and PowerPoint respectively won by Mizuki Terao of Japan and Lia...
Alyssa Soebandono
2011-08-23 17:16:00
Alyssa Soebandono (born in Jakarta, Indonesia, December 25, 1991, age 19 years) is Indonesian actress who was familiarly called Icha the second of three bersaudara. Her hobby is playing violin, singing, reading and swimming. Alyssa starred in several soap operas, among others Pengantin Remaja, Upik Abu dan Laura, Alisa dan Kejora dan Bintang, Ada Apa Denganmu, Bunga di Tepi Jalan, Bintang and much more
Beauty Deasy Bouman
2011-07-10 07:12:00
Deasy Bouman (born in Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta, December 6, 1992, age 18 years) is a sitcom actress and comedian Indonesia. Deasy Bouman in the entertainment world may be unfamiliar ground water in your ear, but if you are a fan of the sitcom Chase Runtime surely you know the artist of this one. with Javanese accent on the soap opera, make deasy name became known in the public audience.Besides Deasy Bouman, also play Mayan Septha, and also Amanda Michele Rigby who plays with his Caucasian accent makes him look more cute in the sitcom. In addition to sitcom, deasy Bouman've also played in several television movie titles such as I hate Valentine's Makeover Makeover Oh, Mr. Boy Oh No, It was my turn When we think, and many others.
Beauty Eliza Sulaiman : Finalis VJ Hunt
2011-07-09 18:03:00
Eliza Sulaiman is one of the finalists of the MTV VJ Hunt 2011 organized by Global TV and MTV. Because of her beauty, current photograph - photos doi most widespread in cyberspace. MTV VJ Hunt is a search arena VJ (video jockey) or host MTV.Conducted at the end of the 90's each year until 1999 (with a lucky winner Arie). But after that is not held back. And only started actively held from 2003 until now. The audition process begins in two cities, namely Jakarta at Maranatha and Padjadjaran University and Jakarta which was held at the University Moestopo and Perbanas, in March. Besides the 2 cities, the auditions are also conducted through a video tape sent participants to the Global TV.Results auditions finally chose eight finalists, namely Adjunct or Aa Good Officers (finalist from Bali), Anessia Cassandra (Bandung), Arga or Haries Argareza (Jakarta), Ario (Bandung), Good Akbar (Jakarta), Eliza Sulaiman, Reyna Venzka, and Kyla Pisita.
Briptu Eka Frestya : Polwan Cantik NTMC
2011-07-02 02:10:00
Eka is a First Brigadier Frestya policewoman on duty at the National Police Traffic Management Center as an ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to serve the public in the way the traffic information of traffic. Brigadier Eka Frestya you can see it on television as presenter of the latest traffic information.This was the first time I saw a beautiful policewoman Brigadier Frestya Eka. First looking've made a crush on, heheh. Her face was sweet and beautiful is single again, lucky man who got it.Eka Frestya first child of three brothers. Eka was born in Jakarta July 15, 1988. He is an alumnus of SMU 80, North Jakarta in 2005. Eka graduated in the police and became the first wave of armed policewomen 2006 33.Once inaugurated in 2006, I served in the Polda Metro Jaya. In the Directorate Samapta for four-wheel patrol vehicle. Then at the airport police station, my first service at the terminal 3 pospol handle workers. Then move into tourism, moved again to the protocol and the drug p...
Beauty Astrid Ellena, Miss Indonesia 2011
2011-06-04 20:27:00
Astrid Ellena Indriana Yunadi or usually called Ellen was born on June 8, 1990. The young girl who has lived in Maryland, the United States is the reigning Miss Indonesia 2011, was crowned on June 3, 2011.Finalists Miss Indonesia from East Java had also won the title as Miss Favorite and Miss Beautiful Skin in the arena of beauty, held every year. Moreover, in a relatively young age Ellen has mastered English, Spanish, Mandarin.Since the period of quarantine, Ellen was considered to have stolen the attention that went into round five with Amanda Roberta Zevannya of West Papua, Nadia Siddiqa from Banten, Fatya Ginanjarsari of DKI Jakarta, and Madhina Nur Muthia of Central Kalimantan. But among the four other finalists, Ellen apparently considered the most prominent in a variety of qualifications which the jury assessed. Embedding degree to Ellen's special because it pertained directly conducted by the Miss World 2010 Alexandria Mills and Miss Indonesia 2010 Asyifa Latif.Before offic...
Beauty Musician Prisa Adinda
2011-05-31 10:50:00
Prisa Adina Arini Rianzi or better known as Prisa (born in Jakarta on January 6, 1988, age 23 years) is an Indonesian singer. He was the second child of three children with partner Rianzi Julidar and Lydia Arlini Wahab, who is the Indonesian representative in Miss Universe 1975. Prisa makes her music videos in September 2007 with the title track You Steal Again sung by J-rocks from the album Spirit.He is a member of music group Vendetta before he had formed the band Zala. In May 2008 he launched his album entitled Prisa.
Charming Sarah Nanda Noon
2011-05-05 01:57:00
Nanda Sarah Noon Sarah Noon or create a frequent watch on RCTI must know English descent Caucasian girl deh yah sarah noon This is a sma ituloh carrisa the story and it does not mean I'm a fan of soap operas with my own little weird sinetronnya, the title story that appears even high school the baim a funny and cute so it still says the movie, but for fans of Carissa aka sarah Nanda Noon may see beautiful photos
Sora Aoi Make Curious
2011-04-24 17:55:00
In the latest film made by Maxima, namely Sister shampoo 2, Sora Aoi hot movie star became the main attraction. But in this new movie, Sora acting ability was not fully excavated. According to this producer to make the audience curious Indonesia."Indeed from the beginning has been set for this scene by scene for teenagers. These are entertainment, pretty much for it though curious," Oddy said Mulya Hidayat, producer Maxima encountered in preskon Sister shampoo 2, on FX Plaza, South Jakarta.Sora Aoi role was important enough to boost ticket sales. According to Oddy, not just because Sora or that he is now promoted by the name of Sola Aoi is a movie star x, but the woman's behavior is enough."Why not just wear her ex Sola x star. But he was in Japan he occupied the first position and the most expensive. Then he was widely known and sold," he said.Also curious factor of Indonesian audiences even try to put to good use by the producer. "It was originally the name of Sola own that sell,...
Lala Karmela
2011-04-14 19:48:00
Karmela or Lala Lala (born 2 April 1985, age 26 years) is a musician and actress of Indonesia. Lala has released an album titled Stars as a solo singer. Earlier he had joined in the band called Inertia.Before active in singing, he was first active in several teenage soap opera titles. Later, he joined the band Inertia which then launched an album titled Together. Through the appearance of the video clip music group, the talent was discovered by Ronnie Henares Lala who gives Laura a recording contract in the Philippines. After completing his studies in English literature, University of Indonesia in 2006, he moved to the Philippines where the birth mother to a career as a singer. He acknowledged, its popularity in the country his mother had not obtained the easy way. It takes hard work, patience, and momentum.In fact, when he decided to move to the Philippines to the recording on Warner Music Philippines, he had time to hang fire for six months due to schedule recordings no certainty....
Asyifa Latif : Miss Indonesia 2010
2011-04-01 17:25:00
Asyifa Latif, who called complete Asyifa Syafiningdyah Putrambami Latif, is Miss Indonesia 2010, which originated from West Java. This beautiful lady was born in Bandung, 20 September 1988.When following the event / Miss Indonesia beauty contest, Asyifa also crowned as Miss Body Beautiful. Asyifa Lafief will represent Indonesia in Miss World 2010 in Vietnam, which is planned to be held in November 2010.Besides active as a model, Asyifa also recorded as a college student majoring in Accounting, University of Parahyangan, Bandung.
Artis Sinetron Afifa Syahira Abducted
2011-03-30 17:25:00
Artis sinetron Afifa Syahira alleged kidnapping victim for three months more. 17-year-old girl was rushed own brother-in-law. Alleged kidnapping of Syahira revealed after Jakarta police officer freed Syahira from an apartment in South Jakarta. In the drama of the arrest, officers arrested a man initials WW, which is a sister in law Syahira."Yesterday (March 29, 2011), freeing officers and secure the perpetrators Syahira initials WW," said the Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police, Commissioner Baharudin Djafar at Jakarta Police Headquarters, Jalan Gatot Subroto, Jakarta, Wednesday, March 30, 2011.Baharudin said, the arrest was based on the complaints of victims, accompanied by his lawyer parents in early March 2011 and then to the Polda Metro Jaya.In a report submitted Syahira disappeared since December 2010. The investigation then made ​​known to the officers and brought the perpetrators WW Syahira currently detained at the Jakarta Police. "The perpetrator and victim are stil...
Uli Auliani
2011-03-26 21:33:00
Uli Auliani look sexy in two movies that aired simultaneously. Even in one of the film, he had intimate scenes with co-star, Mario Lawalata. Uli appear in the film Scandal and dedemit Gunung Kidul. In the film directed by Jose Purnomo scandal, Uli should dare to perform open-aperture. He serves as Mischa, a young wife who was having an affair with a former girlfriend, after suspecting her husband had an affair with his personal secretary.Meanwhile, in the film dedemit Gunung Kidul, Uli should portray a girl who was forced to marry for the sake of helping their parents. "I can keep the main role. However, my role as a wife who is tempted by love of her past is more challenging because the story inside. I've never got this kind of acting challenge. If spelled out her role challenging, not because of open-opening or look sensuous. But, playing the mother, as wife, that's the challenge. I'm still single, no children, so it's rather difficult, "said Uli at the launch of the movie sca...
Cute Beauty Chermarn Boonyasak
2011-03-20 16:01:00
Chermarn Boonyasak (Thai: เฌอมาลย์ บุญยศักดิ์, born September 15, 1982 in Bangkok, Thailand) is a Thai film and television actress and model. Her film roles have included the title ghost character in director Yuthlert Sippapak's horror-comedies Buppah Rahtree and Buppah Rahtree Phase 2: Rahtree Returns. She was also featured in Pen-Ek Ratanaruang's Last Life in the Universe, in which she portrayed the younger sister of the character played by her real-life older sister, Sinitta Boonyasak.Chermarn has also been credited as Laila Boonyasak, and her nickname is "Ploy".
Sexy Beauty : Saki Seto
2011-03-09 19:16:00
First Name: SakiLast Name: SetoEnglish Name: Saki SetoRomaji Name: Seto SakiReal Name: Seto SakiEye Color: Dark BrownHair Color: BlackSkin Color: YellowAge: 26Date of Birth: June 21, 1985Place of Birth: Miyagi Prefecture, JapanPlace of Living: Tokyo, JapanZodiac: GeminiBlood Type: AHeight: 162 cmWeight: 56 kgBust: 83 cmWaist: 57 cmHip: 86 cmShoe Size: 23 cmCountry: JapanNationality: JapaneseEthnicity:Occupation: Actress, ModelTalent Agency:Education: Miyagi Girls' High SchoolHobbies: Karaoke, Listening to Music, SwimmingSpecialty: Piano, Track, Swimming, Writing, Playing the Ukulele, Riding the Unicycle and Painting
Pretty Idol Akane Kanazawa
2011-03-03 08:57:00
Birthday: March 27, 1977constellation: White House sheepBirthplace: Tokyo, JapanBlood type: ABOne high: 160 CMMeasurement: B83cm W58cm H86cm
Im Ji Hye
2011-02-24 18:10:00
Im Ji Hye has graced the cover of the June issue of Maxim Korea 2006. Besides being a model at car shows, Im Ji Hye has also done photo shoots for wedding and fashion, as well as being an Internet banner model in Japan.Im Ji Hyee profile and HQ pics.Name: Im Ji HyeDate of Birth: 2-14-1986Place of Birth: South KoreaHeight: 172cmWeight: 49kgMeasurements: 37D-25-37Profession : Racing Girl, Model
Debby Ayu Like Men are 'Mature'
2011-02-11 20:50:00
Debby Ayu young artist has a special criteria for prospective lover. The 22-year-old Dara just want to establish in love with a man who 'mature'."I still liked the same guy who 'mature'," he said with a blush as she answered questions related criteria detikhot boyfriend, recently.Debby seems to have many times in a relationship dating with a man who was much older. The reason, the older man to guide and care for him who often reckless living."All my ex-before the present age above 5 years old I was. You see there that could let me manage and nasihatin me," he explained.Although age can not be guaranteed that a man could mature in behavior and thinking. Debby still feel great romance in a relationship with a man whose age was far above it. Unfortunately, such thinking does not necessarily make Debby wanted to get married.The owner's full name Debby Ayu Novitasari Agustine had no target for getting married. According to him, he still wants to enjoy his youth and arrange liver bef...
Appearances Beauty Secrets Astrid Tiar
2011-02-08 09:46:00
As an artist, Astrid Tiar required to always look beautiful and perfect. Astrid was very understanding of it. He was always trying to look beautiful and confident while in public.And the demands it makes this wonderful artist's eye is very concerned at the start of the facial appearance, dress up even the smallest thing about hair including the legs and hands. Presenters and soap opera star was admitted the hairs on his leg that becomes the most attention by him.Understand it, as a presenter, Astrid often use short skirts or hot pants that she was so extra care to keep his feet."If you wear a mini skirt just less confident that the hairy legs. If the job is not confident (confident), would not enjoy. With shave it makes me more confident," Astrid said when met at the Hotel Grand Mahakam, South Jakarta.However, it does not mean the artist who started his career as a model is always going to the salon to take care of the feet and hands to keep it looking smooth. "Usually, I like the ...
Beauty Actress : Laura Basuki
2010-12-06 18:58:00
Laura Basuki is a newcomer actress who made her debut in the film "Gara-Gara Bola" (2008). In a film produced by Nia Dinata, a girl born in Berlin January 1, 1988 is acting as ball boy bookies are sassy, bold, tomboy, as well as spoiled. Uniquely, in this his debut in the acting world, she immediately demanded to do the kissing scene with co-star handsome actor Ali Herjunot. In the name of professionalism, Laura did not mind. This debut film faced girl oriental deliver it won two awards at the event Indonesian Movie Awards as a newcomer to the most favorite actress and audience choice of jury selection.Before plunging into the world of big screen, she also has starred in several advertisements including Shinzui, Coca Cola, and Clean & Clear. Actually Laura, including the shy and quiet girl. But little changed in character when he began to plunge in the world of modeling through an intensive modeling schools that participated during the school holidays.No thinks, after she was of...
Susan Bachtiar
2010-11-18 18:38:00
Susan Meilani Bachtiar (born in Jakarta, May 2, 1973, age 37 years) was a presenter, model, teacher of English, commercials and movie stars. His career started with the selection of Mode magazine cover girl and won the championship I. Since then his face began to fill the pages of magazines and also a television with a quiz on Indosiar Galileo and spiritual events. 170 cm-tall woman is married to Sunardi Supangat on November 11, 2000, although he is currently undergoing the process of divorce. Catholic Women has a hobby of watching, reading, and traveling. Bersarjana female education is an English major alumni in Unika Atma Jaya Jakarta. She is currently teaching English in kindergarten St. Theresa.Susan's first film, The Story of Women, was released in cinemas Indonesia on January 17, 2008 after previously playing as a cover JiFFest (Jakarta International Film Festival) on 16 December at Djakarta Theater XXI. In the same place, Susan Bachtiar, 37, refused to disclose reasons for a...
Dwi Putrantiwi
2010-11-07 15:37:00
Sorrow and concern for victims of natural disasters in the country is feeling people everywhere, including artist and sexy model Dwi Putrantiwi. For that, he was with Hesti Purwadinata and other colleagues to take action in the area of fundraising Kemang, South Jakarta. Precisely, in Box Mart.Action requested donations to the motorists who passed by and a number of people who were hanging out in Kemang dilakoni Dwi Putrantiwi the middle of the two entities. "Thank God, there is also donate to a pregnant woman," Dwi said as quoted by Celebrity Status on SCTV, Wednesday (3 / 11).The plan, assistance in cash and thrift will be taken to the post to send to victims of natural disasters of Mount Merapi. There was a funny moment Dwi seeking donations. On the road, he met a man who looked like with her husband, Christian."This Christian version of its Chinese, hahaha joke ...," Dwi to the man he did not know it.
Beauty Model Novie Amelia
2010-11-03 19:33:00
Novie Amelia is a model that sexy bodied young age has appeared in Magazines Popular vulgar, that is exactly 5 years ago. After 5 years passed, now back at Amelia Novie Adult magazine published in Indonesia, and certainly with more hot poses poses hot pula.Bagaimana Novie Amalia when appearing for the second time in the magazine Popular? Here you can see more photos, where photos are sourced from internet forums."Five years ago he once graced the cover POPULAR sexy bikini clad, as well as a debut adult men posing in a magazine at a very young age. Now he's back to remove the longing and invite you to witness the changes. Yes, of course now he added mature and adult. "Beautiful model and Sexy Model Novie Amelia Being an Orbit & Raising Star model of popular magazines. Novie Amelia beautiful model with sexy body, white skin and beautiful face has become a model profesianal Indoneia after Novie get into the popular Indonesian magazine. Novie very interesting, beautiful face and bo...
Bunga Zainal
2010-07-07 19:09:00
Bunga Zainal, was the star of the ad model and also stars acting Indonesia. Her first starring soap opera Steal Steal ATTENTION PERSPECTIVE, who starred together Marini Drajat Zumarnis and Derry. Famous for her role as character roles in THE SECRET HEART Ranti, having previously starred in LOOKING FOR LOVE RAT CAT, ELU is NOT me, I'M STILL THE AGE. Including its role as a month in the soap opera virgin VILLAGE.Movie star CALL MY NAME THREE TIMES, in his love of travel had a relationship with Raffi Ahmad, though not for long. Now the soap star and 1001 HONOR 2 GUYS HOW this hook, diisyukan a relationship with drummer Didi Riyadi, having previously also broken up with Nicky Tirta. Interest alone is the daughter of the couple and Evi Syafury Zainal. He is the younger brother of pesinetron Vicky Zainal, child number four of six children.[Dunia Gadis]
Natasha Dewanti
2010-06-25 18:32:00
Natasha Dewanti (lahir 14 Oktober 1978; umur 31 tahun) adalah seorang pemeran wanita [sinetron]] asal Indonesia.Berangkat dari finalis Majalah Aneka 1992, putri pasangan dari Eddy Z. Hasanudien dan Anitha G. Soekamto ini pun merambah dunia akting. Alumnus Sekolah Tinggi Perhotelan NHI Bandung yang pernah belajar di Sekolah Seni Peran, Sakti Aktor Studio ini telah membintangi beberapa sinetron antara lain :"Jay Anak Metropolitan", "Lupus Millenia", "Panji Millenium", "Doa Membawa Berkah", "Sarmila", dan "Akulah Miki". Tasya, demikian biasa disapa, menikah dengan Dicky Permana tanggal 15 Mei 2004. Pernikahan mereka dikaruniai seorang anak, Chara Azalia Permana (lahir 3 Januari 2006).[dunia gadis]
Gadis-Gadis Facebook
2010-05-30 09:56:00
Facebook is a social networking website launched in February 2004 and operated and privately owned by Facebook, Inc. Users can add friends and send them messages, and update their personal profiles to notify friends about themselves. Additionally, users can join networks organized by workplace, school, or college. The website's name stems from the colloquial name of books given to students at the start of the academic year by university administrations in the US with the intention of helping students to get to know each other better. Anyone over the age of 13 can become a Facebook user. Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates and fellow computer science students Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes.The website's membership was initially limited by the founders to Harvard students, but was expanded to other colleges in the Boston area, the Ivy League, and Stanford University. It later expanded further to include (potentially) any university ...
Jenny Cortez Sexy Beauty
2010-05-20 19:14:00
Jenny Cortez was first known in the entertainment world as a photo model, and later expanded into the world of movies. Sexy girl was born October 8, 1987 before the controversial film entitled The Bride Waterfall, apparently hooked pose sexy model that has been acting in a movie ever live with Ricky Aaron Kirun Adul. Jose Poernomo movie plots are paving the way Jenny Cortez in the world of entertainment, but by then his name has not been too well known in the eyes of the public.Name Jenny Cortez returned skyrocketed (again by the controversy, reminding us of the artist Dewi Persik). He put all his acting skills in films Waterfall Brides by acting as a girl who threatened his life because he was chased by a psychopath while vacationing with friends on an island.Jenny Cortez was born in Jakarta, October 8, 1987. He is the second child of two brothers. With a height of 168cm and weight 48 kg, dar child pairs and Madar Asih was fond of shopping and traveling. Jenny apparently also love ...
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