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Asian Sex Diary features harcore Asian sex videos from my travels all over Southeast Asia. Bargirls, MILFS, hot young Asian teens, wild threesomes and more
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Sexy brunette May gets licked and fucks hard
2016-08-04 11:37:00
August 3, 2016 » May Bangkok As I said yesterday, I managed to set up a date with a girl that I met on Badoo. I liked her pics and she was chatting about meeting me. That was a good sign for an easy fuck, right? Well, we met in the Terminal 21 mall and […]
Johntron takes a lusty lady Jubjang to bed after wooing her
2016-08-04 11:34:00
August 2, 2016 » Jubjang: Part 3 Jubjang finally arrived at 8 this morning. I knew that she was coming and expected her at around 4am after her work in the gogobar but instead, she went to a disco and came over after waking me up at 7:30 and asking me if she could still […]
An gets bent over and fucked doggystyle
2016-08-04 11:31:00
July 31, 2016 » An: Part 3 I went shopping for my last day in town. I found this hidden market at the central bus station that’s much cheaper than elsewhere. After that, I went back to my hotel to prepare my bags and wait for my little surprise of the day:, An! She really […]
Brothels tugs on a big dick
2016-08-04 11:27:00
July 30, 2016 » Brothels: Part 2 More texting with Nam today. It’s clear that her mom wants some kind of serious husband for her daughter. Nam started to talk already about paying their rent. So guys, I will have to stop here. Nam is not coming back 🙁 I wanted to check out some […]
Brothel saggy titted beauty enjoying doggy style
2016-08-04 11:09:00
July 29, 2016 » Brothel visit, Banana Been texting with Nam this morning. As many of you asked her to come back, I tried to make a new date with her after school. She said she wanted but that her mom would not allow it this time. She asked me if I could visit her […]
Sexy MILF Sona loves getting fucked in the ass
2016-08-04 10:58:00
July 28, 2016 » Sona Went for a walk to a market where I had previously seen many students before. When I arrived there, they were everywhere. I did not know where to start, so I tried an old trick where I saw two students walk towards me and I played the stupid lost tourist […]
Pretty schoolgirls Nam in hardcore playground sex
2016-08-04 10:53:00
July 27, 2016 » Nam I woke up late today. I had a great sleep and was ready for action. Luckily, just when I walked outside and visited a temple, I got a message from Nam that her mom agreed on her meeting with me. We only got 2 hours, just after school. She had […]
Beautiful teen Nam takes in the huge cock
2016-08-04 10:46:00
July 26, 2016 » Meeting Nam To start my third visit to Vientiane, I decided to take a tuktuk and visit a local market. Nice to see these women and girls in there traditional dresses again. The students always have a blue or green long skirt with a white shirt above it. That much I […]
Public upskirt day videos
2016-08-04 10:43:00
July 24, 2016 » Upskirts day After having scored so well yesterday, I was more into a chilled-out mood. I went for a walk and played my follow-the-ass game again. This time, I was very successful in following a hot LV-bag lady with sunglasses. These types of girls are the best to upskirt. Nice angle […]
Slutty Pear gives a sloppy POV blowjob
2016-08-04 10:39:00
July 23, 2016 » Pear I was in a serious need of pussy tonight so I went to a few discos. Just outside one of them, there were a few girls having drinks. There was 1 seat empty, so I joined them and they loved it. One girl especially stole my attention. She had nice […]
Sexy Coco plays with big cock
2016-07-25 05:31:00
January 16, 2016 » Coco is back Got a message from Coco this morning. She really wanted to come back and get fucked again. I told her to come at 1 pm. Later on, I canceled because Jojo had send me a message saying she had a girl for me. Of course, I preferred a […]
Shuling is fingered then sucks cock and gets dick in her pussy
2016-07-25 05:24:00
January 14, 2016 » Shuling Last night was just terrible. Seems like my room is close to a new disco or something. There was noise till 3am in the morning. I decided to change to another hotel. Good news is that I got a message from Jojo and she was happy to know that I […]
Miaw brunette Thai teen fuck big white cock
2016-07-25 05:19:00
January 10, 2016 » Miaw Had my date with Miaw today. We had plans to meet at 6pm but she texted me that she would be an hour late. I am not used to girls doing this in Asia. Good sign. She arrived at 7pm where I picked her up and we went straight to […]
Pa sexy young brunette sucking dick
2016-07-25 05:10:00
January 9, 2016 » Pa Got a call from Nong this morning saying that she had a pussy for me. Remember when I met Nong in the beer garden? She said she would look around for me and she kept her promise. So I went to meet a girl this afternoon in the mall. Had […]
Amateur Nun get a good banging
2016-07-25 05:06:00
January 7, 2016 » Nun: Part 4 Nun was right on time again today, having only just 2 hours to get fucked really hard by her new master. I dressed her up slutty, again. She seems to prefer this. She immediately got turned on, played with her pussy while licking her own fingers. I simply […]
Aw hot blonde needs a cock to rub her pussy
2016-07-23 17:11:00
January 4, 2016 » Aw It seems like I am getting spoiled these days (and all of you, as well!). Got a message from Sa (mall pick up last week), saying that she had a nice girl for me whom needed a bit of cash and would love to do a shoot. I agreed to […]
Nun gorgeous teen with a perfect body who wants to be a pornstar
2016-07-23 17:02:00
January 2, 2016 » Nun: Part 3 One of the most exciting things to do in life is to turn an innocent teenage student, severely controlled by her mother, into a hardcore porn slut. And that’s exactly what I managed to do with my lovely chubby Nun today! She finally had some time for me […]
Paw gets a private bedroom hardcore fuck!
2016-07-23 16:57:00
January 1, 2016 » Paw I didn’t expect much on this first day of the year. I had the idea to visit the new Hooters on Soi Nana but I got a call from Keaw saying that she had a girl for me, “a real New Year’s gift” she said. That made me very curious. […]
On amateur MILF takes his cum inside her mouth
2016-07-23 16:54:00
December 30, 2015 » On Before the end of the year, I really wanted to catch a pussy in the mall again. And yes, just before the deadline, I did it. Went to Terminal 21 and then to Tops to buy a salad to eat (my diet) when I saw a skinny MILF shopping alone. […]
Sa matures sucking dick and getting fucked
2016-07-23 16:51:00
December 27, 2015 » Sa After many days of shopping and countless ways I tried to talk and seduce girls in the malls, I finally got rewarded today. I got myself focused on lonely walking girls. I first followed a girl in a yellow skirt, but she was with a friend and didn’t react well […]
King hottie blonde sucks dick and balls gets fucked
2016-07-20 14:11:00
April 23, 2015 » King As I said yesterday, I was working hard in my room today. I booked a Thai massage girl for 2 pm and she was right on time. Her name is King, a 23yo MILF, and she was more of the type I expect with this kind of escort service. Cute […]
Fuji building Star Avenue
2016-07-20 14:07:00
April 22, 2015 » Fuji building part 3: Star Avenue I first went to see the star avenue at the harbor today, where the statue of Bruce Lee is. Strange place, only Chinese tourists and nothing special to see really, except the statue of course. No girls that I could talk to, so I went […]
Mina blonde small tit girl tosses salad and fucks
2016-07-20 14:05:00
April 21, 2015 » Mina I did what I said I would do and called an escort line where Thai massage girls supposedly work. Thai massage means hardcore hookers, of course. They sent me a 20yo that I liked from the start. Great attitude. I didn’t expect that from an escort. She was OK for […]
Jaja cutie has passionate love with her partner
2016-07-20 14:02:00
April 20, 2015 » Fuji building part 2 I changed hotels last night to a bigger one. Nothing fancy, but at least I have some space now. I then went back to Lockhart Road, up to the Fuji Building. Did my tour again and had to knock on several doors before finding a real gem, […]
Hang loves to get her pussy fucked
2016-07-20 13:58:00
April 19, 2015 » Hang Went for a nice long nice walk on Lockhart road, heading to Fuji Building, when a very sexy girl walked next to me and smiled. We had a short chat. I found out that she is a Vietnamese girl working in massage. Her name was Hang, an 18yo with big […]
Bich teen hooker gets her tight pussy pounded
2016-07-20 13:33:00
April 15, 2015 » Bich: Morning 2 It’s my last morning with Bich today. I am sad and happy to fuck her for the last time. She asked me a few times to come back soon. I said yes, but I am not really sure if that will ever happen. Tung Tau is just too […]
Bich gives the best blowjobs and swallows every drop
2016-07-20 13:29:00
April 14, 2015 » Bich: Redo Bich-day has come! I was excited all day knowing that she would come today and I was right to be. Once she entered the room, everything changed. Worries gone. Is this called love? It’s really hard no to fall in love with this girl. All smiles, playful, shining and […]
Lan tight sweet teen pussy rubbing it fast and good
2016-07-20 13:25:00
April 12, 2015 » Lan: Part 2 I was thinking who to call back today for a second round. Bich was be my first choice, of course, but she had to stay home. So, I thought again and I could only really think of one girl who really turns me on: Lan. This girl has […]
Yen small tit amateur sucks dick and fucks
2016-07-20 13:23:00
April 11, 2015 » Yen Had my date with Yen at 1pm and she was right on time but, I was not into it today for some reason. Maybe I have been too spoiled by Bich and the other young cuties here but Yen really didn’t turn me on so much. I decided to keep […]
Bich pretty Asian doll girl has boobs felt up by man
2016-07-20 13:20:00
April 7, 2015 » Bich: Morning Woke up this morning with the girl of my dreams, Bich. We fucked one more time at 3am… I think. She started to play with my dick and gave me a blowjob while I was sleeping. What a miracle this girl is! By morning, it was me who took […]
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