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2018-05-18 01:44:00
I found them somewhere else, complete and in order with proper names. :)
2018-05-18 01:42:00
I know posting links to external sites is frowned upon, but I think in this case it should be allowed. This user is posting incomplete/corrupt sets to this site. People who download these sets should be warned. I guess download the bulk of the images here and then go here looking for missing/corrupt files like I did to put back in the sets.
2018-05-18 00:16:00
>>40212 ... I still without any download from Uploadbank.
2018-05-17 20:04:00
Thread locked for reposting sets within less than 3 months from And if you'd like me to lock the rest of your threads you can just ask instead of working so hard for it.
2018-05-17 19:44:00
Plz Upload all nude girls group of cambodian Kidbox rar file and all photos
2018-05-17 16:48:00
It would be so cool to be able to search the site for post by key word or title. Mainly to be sure we're not double posting. Thanks
2018-05-17 15:14:00
At least he is using a decent file host compared to the other ass holes sending us through a bunch of hoops and captchas for every file
2018-05-17 15:14:00
I have bought many videos from SS its easy and the product is fantastic. Prompt service and delivery as promised.
2018-05-17 12:36:00
You wanted new sets - I gave you new sets. I said that they are with a watermark. I'm not forcing you to download these "free" sets. Any other "new sets" are not yet shared. >>40138 what? my other threads with dead links?
2018-05-17 11:26:00
>Want more Tropical Cuties sets and videos? Ask me how! how about you just post them here like a normal poster. but i'm sure that your way will send us on a wild goose chase or maybe send you bitcoins.
2018-05-17 11:26:00
>>39995 real good chance that this op got this "preview" from somewhere else and is just trying to re-up here and earn .0000004 per click.
2018-05-17 11:26:00
Learn how to post. You already started a Mel thread here: Instead of starting a brand new thread for one damn set, just add it to your existing thread. You're lucky that this board is a little forgiving. I've seen other boards ban posters for spamming multiple threads........
2018-05-17 11:26:00
Please tell me this isn't fake news. If true, all of those Depfile defending douches will finally shut their arrogant mouths.
2018-05-17 11:26:00
>>40138 Okay, we get the point dude. And I'm sure that VK does as well. Give it a rest. For the most part VK is one of the best posters around. He posts the most recent leaks of NS as soon as he gets them. That allows the other vultures around here to re-up his sets on foul money earning shit hosts. So show a little more respect. Sure he uploaded something that is free from the agency itself. At least he didn't use salefiles or depfiles...
2018-05-17 11:26:00
>>40114 You're wasting your time friend. kira1231, formerly known as nymph34 has been posting the same incomplete, re-compressed, or re-sized photo sets for years. If you're lucky, a true Vlad collector will see your post and save the day. :)
2018-05-17 11:26:00
Hey Mod, this OP is too busy spamming his money earning links in multiple threads to notice what anyone else is doing.
2018-05-17 11:26:00
I didn't actually see whats been happening on 180 because I have my posts bookmarked and go straight to my posts when I find new content to post. But I'll keep it in mind.
2018-05-17 11:26:00
Tbh,I rarely look through 180 anymore to know everything that has been posted weeks before by other posters. YOU SURE NOTICED WE'RE CRACKING DOWN ON THIS SINCE LAST WEEK
2018-05-17 11:26:00
These DVDs were posted just last week why are you reposting?
2018-05-17 06:26:00
Wow! The “free sets” that have been available without the annoying catchoas and other traps! Gee! That’s SO much better than the new sets people have been asking about for months now! Thanks, VKv77! I hadn’t already downloaded them when they became available weeks ago! Hey, when these links go bad will you bump the thread with the same dead links like your other threads?
2018-05-17 06:26:00
>>40096 Can't read Dutch. How did they know him?
2018-05-17 06:26:00
Just downloaded tanya y157 custom sets 1-10 from fileflares and again, so many corrupt/missing files. Custom 1 corrupt/missing 62, 74, 184, 185, 194 Custom 6 corrupt/missing 63 Custom 8 corrupt/missing 6, 8, 15, 25, 28, 31, 33, 36, 40, 44, 78, 81, 85, 87, 92, 106, 109, 110, 111 Custom 9 corrupt/missing 34, 42, 72 I appreciate you trying to share them. but please pick another host. I have tried almost all of them and every time there are corrupt/missing files. Maybe start a new thread and start over, or if anybody else could start a new thread or post the pictures I need, I would be grateful.
2018-05-17 06:26:00
Also, picture 34 in custom 22, 66 in custom 24, 85 in custom 25, 72 in custom 26. It doesnt matter what host I download from. Im not asking for the sets to be reposted, just links to the images. Please post them if you could.
2018-05-17 06:26:00
Depfile taken down by police. (Dutch)
2018-05-17 06:26:00
Thanks for the files but would it be asking to much for a deferent host? I have a smoking fast connection and one 1/2gig file is taking 4 hours and depositfiles well not let you dl more then one at a time! You could still get your pennies and maybe even some repeat customers. At this rate I won't be back.
2018-05-17 06:26:00
Dont waste your time....unless you got the video using that link share with us with a new one.thats garbage
2018-05-17 06:26:00
>>39709 No it's not dipshit. In fact they just updated yesterday
2018-05-17 06:26:00
>>39879 It's only 45 seconds anyway so it's just click bait really. I guess the op dosen't have the balls to post the whole thing.
2018-05-17 06:26:00
Thanks for the files and for using a decent host. I am currently DLing 5 files for a total of almost 9 gigs and it's moving right along. Well report back if any problems but I don't think so Thanks
2018-05-17 06:26:00
>>37602 Bump for this one!!! It's got to be out there somewhere?
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