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2018-07-04 07:12:00
Seems no way to get Emily 111-115. The host AUTOMATICALLY goes to it's own downloader whatever you do. & even then the actual file does not come about. Maybe it was because I didn't accept everything else. Look at the goodies from INTOUPLOAD. Yes I had the cleanup under control. BEWARE of INTOUPLOAD. thanks Mr. Monetizer. Anyone welcome to tell me how to get it?
2018-07-04 07:12:00
Contact sheet can be viewed here (172 pics): Download: Password: 456>LtlGrls4Me<123
2018-07-04 07:12:00
I chose the best photos of Polina. Best photos of Polina-1. or
2018-07-04 07:12:00
My god, you people are nuts. I'm the real Ned. NIGGAS LEARN TO USE A TRIPCODE
2018-07-04 07:12:00
>>45718 "salefiles" is a shithead host. Please don't upload here.
2018-07-04 07:12:00
Ned, don't let these armchair lawyers talk you into producing illegal content. You're the only one producing new material and I'd like to see you keep it that way. I've been a member of your site since the beginning and am a big fan. Let's see poster #46464's $25 bucks or 25 years in prison......? Which one would I pick?
2018-07-04 07:12:00
And Ned will never go to prison to sell you what you want. Seems like a fair trade to me. pass: TALENT 065.rar.html
2018-07-04 07:12:00
Hey Everyone ! Let's Play " Where's Gracel " How many can you find ?
2018-07-04 07:12:00
>>45538 etc. Why in the world do you keep calling her "Maria"? She's Vladmodel m070 and her name is D-A-S-H-A! >_>
2018-07-04 07:12:00
>>45635 >IS THIS A GRANNY? sigh... no it isn't. just another early developing teen.
2018-07-04 07:12:00
>>45939 >Idiot who sounds like a broken record funny, the same can be said about your posts, mr know-it-all. have you come come back to derail yet another thread with your bi-polar spewing? >Care to comment on my definitions of legal and illegal? Post proof of your law degree and state bar number first haha now you're an attorney? first it was your father, and then your uncle. >>46004 and ned... no one is claiming to be an authority on anything (well, except the annoying >>45939). it's their opinion, that's all. one doesn't need to be an expert to share what they like or don't like about something. business is good for you? that's great. but i'll never buy what you sell until you change your style.
2018-07-04 07:12:00
>>28011 vk rarely updates his current newstar threads anymore. a certain troll around here made sure of that... but there have been plenty of greedy shekeleers re-upping all of his generous shares for the past few months, so i'm sure that someone has already posted her stuff.
2018-07-04 07:12:00
Contact sheet can be viewed here (180 pics): Download: Password: 456>LtlGrls4Me<123
2018-07-04 07:12:00
>>46004 I don't think it was directed to the thread OP but the poster of that comment, which was me, and I'm still yawning at his sets, no less than his comments.
2018-07-04 07:12:00
Modern iconic model Polina. Polina-Presents. or
2018-07-04 07:12:00
>>45982 This dress remind me about Marcia set "Marcia 26"
2018-07-04 07:12:00
That was not me responding. There seems to be some sort of joke on these chans for people to impersonate me and post. They even include spam pictures. I only come on here to look for copyright material, I almost never comment. It just feeds the trolls. I must admit that I agree with the post above and it is funny how people pretend to be authorities on subjects they know nothing about but I hardly ever post. Internet arguing is pointless. Business is good.
2018-06-27 06:44:00
Contact sheet can be viewed here (115 pics): Download: Password: 456>LtlGrls4Me<123
2018-06-27 06:44:00
Clothes for my doll. or
2018-06-27 06:44:00
Pleas re-up files from UploadBank. All detate File not found Thx
2018-06-27 06:44:00
Anyone else have problem with urle? Click their link but never get the captia or nothing but a redirect.
2018-06-27 06:44:00
You don'r know since when I was looking for Janette. Thank you sooooooo much man.
2018-06-27 06:44:00
New year's dance at the lyceum.
2018-06-27 06:44:00
Waao... This is the first place I visit at Chan world.
2018-06-27 06:44:00
I gotta say there's something screwy with the pass. I got 11 & 13. The pass doesn't work. No space between PW: & the stated pass. & I tried with space before &/or after also. Tried other three passes in this thread. copy paste of pass same as typing it into a text file. checked $!sT.Sm~MO9#J1%V!d$^) There's no checksum error in either, the downloads were flawless & continuous. Got me ???
2018-06-27 06:44:00
>>44027 Let me guess, you ordered a handful of sets, then said "Wow great work, let me order custom I pay big $$$" ? That's not the way these things work. If you want more success with NN studios, be a good customer. That means you should be prepared to spend a couple hundred per month. Give the people running the site no reason to mistrust you. Don't leak sets, previews or whatever. Don't mention you frequent any sharing sites. If you are buying as a group, for the love of god don't mention "your friends" and shit like that. Don't share the download links, if you are buying as a group download them once and then re- up them for your buddies. Stuff like that, there's tons of little warning signs that can tip the admins off that you're not trustworthy, so tread carefully. A sign that you're doing it right is if you start to get little extra or bonus pics, just nip slips and stuff like that. If the site mentions the number of pics in a set and you get more, that's a good si...
2018-06-27 06:44:00
>>28117 you would'nt have the full version of StarSessions Nita Video 007 to share by any chance Please.
2018-06-27 06:44:00
>>39192 you would'nt possibly have the full version of Nita StarSessions Video 007 to share ? please.
2018-06-27 06:44:00
>>45398 Thankyou very much for your response to my request for FireLols Vika Video 087
2018-06-27 06:44:00
files restricted and not downloadable dont waste your time
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