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Misterbundy - The funniest blog on the net
The hilarious and sick sextales of misterBundy


Stinkin sex
2007-11-07 23:30:00
Have you ever felt the urge to fart while having sex? This morning I took my lady from behind when I had to let one free. The problem was that it was a stinker. So what to do? I pushed her face into the pillow in a sort of “lets rough things up”. Really, I ...
Daughter sex
2007-11-07 11:33:00
After a long holiday I´m back. I met an old one night stand from my youth on my holiday. I met her in a bar when I was working as a construction builder when I was 22 years old. We went home to her and had wild and crazy sex including taking her in a darker ...
Best pickup lines
2007-10-25 21:33:00
Whats your best pick up line? A line that truly will get positive attention. I got two that works everytime. “The voices in my head told me to buy you a drink” and “There is a party in my pants, do you wanna come?” Whats your favorite pickup line?
Violent babes
2007-10-22 20:05:00
Have you ever met a violent lady who loves to hurt you just because it turn her on? I have and it was scary. It started good with her calling me names and telling me what to do with her. After a while when she came closer to lala land she became abusive and really ...
Boinking the map
2007-10-17 20:20:00
My friend Mike are on a mission. He claims that he had sex with almost every kind of women. He travels a lot and I personally seen evidence in the form of pictures (he is not picky in his mission). Tomorrow he is off to Australia and his mission this trip is to boink an ...
Rodeo sex
2007-10-15 23:21:00
I dare you, no I double dare you! Have you ever tried rodeo sex? What it is? Ok, lets say your lady is riding on top of you or you are taking her from behind. Then tell her that your mistress love this position or that you have gonorrhea or that you are breaking up with ...
Jeep Meet sex
2007-10-14 17:34:00
I´ve bin on a jeep meet this weekend with a lot of beer, mud and fun. The funniest moment was when Carl had a new sex experience. After too much beer he admitted that he never had given oral pleasure to a woman. So off-course we wanted to help him making a dream come true. We ...
Sexy fruits
2007-10-13 22:37:00
Let this be a warning - DO NOT use fruit when you are having sex! Yesterday me and some friend had a couple of beers when Steve complained that his sexlife needed some spice. He asked us if we had any advice for him. OFF COURSE WE HAD! One of the advice were to use a banana ...
Holliday sex
2007-10-11 20:09:00
Me and my lady are in the west-indies right now and last night we had a funny experience. We were boinking wild in our hotel-bed and for every boink the bed slammed into the wall. We have four italian neighbor guys and every time the bed slammed the wall they went oouueeeeyyy faster and faster ...
Bad in bed?
2007-10-09 19:23:00
Yep, now it is a fact, I´m not as good in bed as I thought! Me and my lady had some huchikuchi with me on top. I was pumping when she went aooo - yeahh - aouch - oh baby. Naturally I thought that I have a big dong and that she enjoyed it even though ...
Orgasm - The myth
2007-10-08 22:32:00
Women, can they really have orgasms or is this a myth. My theory is that they invented this just to have us hunting it, a prank! They all laugh behind our backs. I mean, how hard can it be to fake it? It´s much harder for us men but we can do it, I sure have, ...
Japanese condoms
2007-10-07 19:04:00
I heard the best condom story today and it´s a true one. Some time ago a Japanese condom company wanted to break the Australian condom market with their own great and fine condoms. After a while they noticed that their product didn´t sell and wanted to know why. The thing was that the Australian guys ...
2007-10-06 19:30:00
Women has the most fantastic ideas when it comes to their beauty. Cucumbers, beer, avocado, botox etc. An ex-girlfriend of mine once hatched the fantastic idea that sperm must be great for her hair because it contains nutrition!? One evening before we had sex she told me that she wanted my cum in a glass. oookeeeyyy. ...
Young chicks
2007-10-05 19:57:00
Really, who would you prefer to have sex with, Paris Hilton or her mother? The problem with young chicks is that most of them are like wallpaper - just laying there, pretty and doing nothing. They don´t make any noises and hardly move. That’s not sex, that’s having sex with a doll! Young chicks like to ...
Funny Links
2007-10-03 19:51:00
I have a crazy hangover today! Here´s some funny links. Enjoy and good night! -
2007-10-02 22:59:00
My best friends wife broke up their 6 years marriage today. She came home early and found him in bed with another woman. She screamed and cried rushing away. My friend in underwear ran after her into the street. After catching her up. While her tears fell down on her face she screamed ?WHY YOUR ...
Nasty comments
2007-10-01 22:14:00
Whats the nastiest comments you ever got or gave? Sometimes you´re really in need of a great killing comment to shut people up. Comments like:  If my dog looked as ugly like you I would shave his ass and learn him to walk backwards.  Or  Hey, you should let your dog lick you in the face not shew ...
The three H´s
2007-09-30 18:21:00
I´m terrified for the 3 big H´s. You know, the ones you carry like luggage for the rest of your life… Herpes, HIV and Hepatitis. I took a girl home, a onenightstand, and in the morning when we woke up she asked me what we were going to to this day. Well dear, I hope ...
Snorting pain
2007-09-29 14:43:00
The stupid things you do to impress the ladies. Went to a cruise and we had a little warming up party in our cabin. You know that powder that are left in the bottom of the cans for pain killing fizz pills.  DO NOT try this at home!   We wanted to play a prank on ...
2007-09-26 22:50:00
I once took a lady home and if there is one thing that really can turn a guy off its the words pregnant. We started to huchikuchi and when she was close to an orgasm she screamed YES YES I´M COMING ? MAKE ME PREEEEGNAAANT. I swear, if we would have used a rubber it ...
Boinking Kylie Minogue
2007-09-25 22:38:00
Yep, I boinked her, and I did it twice just to prove that it wasnt just pure luck the first time. This was in London over 15 years ago and she picked me up. I wish it was the other way around but it wasnt. Do you want to know how she was in bed? ...
Weird sex
2007-09-24 23:22:00
My friends wife is a bit special. Today I came to their house and when I went to their bathroom I discovered two holes in the shower curtain? I asked my friend why there were holes. None of your business he told me.   Come on, tell me. No way, just leave it. So what to ...
Bumping ugly in an airplane
2007-09-24 08:49:00
Are you a member of the 10,000 meters club? I´m not sure I am!   This happened some years ago when I was nightflying to Europe. I started early to flirt with one of the stewardess and after two hours I got lucky. Most passengers were asleep and we agreed to meet in one of the ...
The sweetness of erotic oils
2007-09-23 08:07:00
You know when you sometimes wanna spice things up and try something new? And sometimes you´ll regret it! My babe for the day wanted us to try erotic oils. So off we went to the local pornshop. We found something called Erotic Strawberry Balsam.   Exited we went home to try it out. She started to ...
Batman forever
2007-09-23 08:04:00
I dont know if this is a made up story but one of my friends told me a story last night.When he was going up the stairs to his apartment he heard someone calling for help. He located one of the doors and tried it, it was open.  Hello, are you okay? In here, in the ...
Getting laid
2007-09-22 20:44:00
Do you have a sure way to get laid? One of the funniest but most hurtful ways I ever heard of is one invented by a famous radio and TV profile in Sweden named Adam Alsing. He´s very direct and asks every girl up front if they wanna do it. Sooner or later somone gonna say ...
Surprise sex
2007-09-22 11:13:00
I have a friend who we call the Pig. And there is a reason for it. He bonks everything with a pulse. He is a ugly sob and a real pig against women. I have a lot of stories about the Pig. Here´s one of them. He once was in Thailand on vacation with a ...
Beauty queens in - Skanks out
2007-09-21 14:40:00
You know, I have got in bed with a lot of beauty queens and woke up with a lot of ugly skanks. But like a friend of mine says. Just because they´re ugly they shouldn’t get away easily.  If you are PICKY you wont get any!  Why does alcohol have that bi-effect? Its like God invented ...
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