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BDSM Social Networking Site
2010-01-15 21:42:00
Come and visit the fastest growing BDSM social networking site. If you are into kink, this is the place to be.
Real People
2010-01-14 18:11:00
As readers of this blog know I love to see pictures of real people doing real things in terms of BDSM. To me there is nothing more erotic than to know that, while the professional pictures get the ideas across about how exciting this lifestyle is, it is the real people actually practicing things they ...
Tit Fun
2009-12-27 00:34:00
As many of the followers of this blog know, I am a lover of tit fun, I love to bind them and spank them, there is something so pleasurable in having a slave submitting to my desires, especially when I know that they enjoy it as well. The binding of tits can come in many ...
Tit Pleasures
2009-10-02 13:57:00
I am a great fan of tied tits, in fact anything to do with playing with tits gets my approval * provided it is something enjoyable to both of us*. I have heard many times that someone cannot tie or bind their sub/slaves tits because they are too small, well with a bit of imagination ...
Waxing For Fun
2009-09-30 20:28:00
As readers of this blog know I love to experiment and play around with different aspects of BDSM, indeed with out experimentation and ‘trial and error’ how is one to know what is enjoyable to them and their subs/slaves ? One of the things that has come as no surprise to me is the pleasure ...
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