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Real Tranny Lives from LA Lover of Shemales.

Real Tranny Lives from LA Lover of Shemales.
Welcome to Shemales world!Tranny Lives blog offers frequent updates of XXX shemales stars,la trannys interviews,free video,sexy pics and other TG TS news!


Interview With TS Bombshell Tiffany Starr.
2013-03-05 21:00:00
  This time we had the pleasure to interview someone whose name is going to fit their future – Tiffany Starr!!! This beautiful bombshell from Boston has everything that a TS star needs, brains, beauty, determination, style and an amazing personality!  She is quickly becoming a favorite of ours and after reading this interview, I’m sure she will be one of yours too!!!  She is amazing!! Be sure to check out her amazing website and follow & say “hello” to her at Twitter @TiffanyStarrXXX !!! Seditio: You are an absolutely stunning girl!  When did you decide to get into the adult industry? Tiffany Starr: I decided to get into the adult industry in april 2011. I hit a rough patch in life losing my job,car, and girlfriend all within one month. it was heart breaking to say the least and it took me over three years to get that far in life only to have it taken away from me in one swoop. So I decided I wasn't going to play fair anymore and started doin...
Tasha Jones, Real TS Life.
2013-03-05 20:49:00
   This is the "long awaited" second part of our interview with the very beautiful and talented Tasha Jones.  Be sure to check out he weekly radio show at and follow her on Twitter at @tstashajones !  Seditio:   We want to congratulate you on the continued success of your online radio show! For those who may have missed part one, Tasha runs an amazing online radio show at Tgirl!  She has had some amazing guests and shows!  We highly recommend checking out her site - it’s very informative, sexy and fun!!! Tasha Jones:   Thank you so much. I have had a really fun time doing the radio show. We just changed the format of the show. We now broadcast the show live on webcam over at it has become more interactive which for me is more fun. I also get to be naughty on webcam again which any of my fans know I love to do! The fans seem to like to not only be able to hear...
TS Tasha Jones Interviews Kelly Pierce This Sunday!
2012-09-03 00:16:00
Do not miss the beautifully talented Tasha Jones and her amazing guest for this week's show on T-Girl Radio!  This week Tasha's will be interviewing the stunning Kelly Pierce! Listening to Kelly's unique blend of brains and beauty for a few minutes and you will be turned into an instant fan of hers!!! Do not miss this show - it's sure to be very interesting!!!  Sunday, September 2nd at 9:00 Eastern!!! And follow them both on Twitter: Tasha is at:  @tstashajones Kelly can be found at:  @mrskellypierce More more TS fun, visit & Kelly's Dream House!
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Tasha Jones Interviews Amanda Lepore!
2012-08-21 21:30:00
Tasha Jones and T-Girl Radio! Be sure to check out the beautiful, stunning and talented Tasha as she interviews the amazing Amanda Lepore ? a legend in the Transsexual community! Her show on T-Girl Radio starts at 9pm Eastern this Sunday, August 26th! Amanda has an amazing resume that includes modeling for the French edition of Playboy, the cover of Lord of Acid?s album Expand Your Head, among others.  Her established singing career with four EPs, various singles and music videos, and a full length album released in 2011 titled, I? Amanda Lepore. Be sure to check out Tasha?s show this Sunday ? it?s sure to be something special!!!    Be sure to follow them both on Twitter at: Tasha Jones: @tstashajones Amanda Leopre: @amanda_lepore
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Interview With Brianna Lane
2012-08-13 19:31:00
Brianna Lane is a relative newcomer to the adult T-girl scene, but that doesn?t mean she lacks in experience.  She has one amazing Shemale Yum photoshoot under her belt and she is looking to increase her exposure in the next few months!  Brianna is beautiful, sex and fun and by looking at her pics here, she is sure to find her way on many more shemale sites for years to come!  She is stunning and we are honored to be one of the fist sites to have interview!  Look for her on her Twitter site ? she is one girl you have to follow!!   Seditio:   I read that you are a Delaware girl! How do you like living in that part of the country? Briana Lane:   It?s fun it can be boring but its not far from major cities Sed:  How long have you lived there? Did you grow up there as a child? BL: I lived there for a year I am currently in Pittsburgh I did live in the Philly area Sed: What is your favorite thing about living on the East Coast? BL: NY and DC and Ph...
Lube your Junk with Spunk - we review Spunk Lube!
2012-07-24 23:44:00
   At we occasionally run across products or items that we think are worthy of mentioning to the TS/TG community.  One of the more interesting products we?ve seen in a while and one that is gaining a lot of traction and quickly becoming a pornstar favorite is Spunk Lube ? the lube the looks and feels a lot like cum!  Invented by Str8cam Jeff (you can contact him via Twitter @str8cam), this lube has the look and feel of real cum, is completely 100% safe to use on everything, and best of all, doesn?t dry out or get sticky!  All the things you love about cum and lube are now together in one tube!  We highly recommend trying this out ? we believe you?ll be as hooked on it as we are!! Seditio: What the heck is Spunk Lube?Jeff: SPUNK Lube  is a unique personal lubricant that looks and feels like real cum. It looks and works like natural body lubrication but doesn't get sticky or tacky when it dries. SPUNK Lube Hybrid is water ...
Tasha Jones Interview With Tyra Scott!!
2012-07-21 07:21:00
Finally, two of our favorite, smoking hot t-girls together ? at least on radio! Tasha Jones, the gorgeous and talented host of Tgirl Radio, will have the beautiful & sexy southern belle, Tyra Scott on air this Sunday, July 22nd at 9:00pm Eastern!  We have been lucky enough to have interviewed both of these beautiful and amazing girls, so trust me ? you will not want to miss this one!  If you haven't had the opportunity to read the interviews you can here: Tasha Jones Tyra Scott And don?t forget to follow them both of these amazing shemales on Twitter!@tstashajones@tstyrascott
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TS Tasha Jones, Raw and Uncut.
2012-07-11 19:16:00
   It?s not everyday that we get a chance to interview someone who is as candid and honest about their past as Tasha is.  Beautiful, caring, smart and sexy, Tasha is an amazing person whose story will break your heart and, at the same time, inspire you. The first part of this interview will explore Tasha?s early life and the trials and tribulations that created the persona ?Tasha Jones.?  Later, we will look at the lighter side of Tasha that will focus more on her business ventures and sexual antics! There aren't many people who can go to the brink of disaster only to turn their lives around in a full 180 degrees.  Tasha is one of those people who are strong enough to do it, and honestly, the world is a much better place because of it. Tasha?s story is one of strength, courage hope and honesty and can serve as a point of inspiration and motivation for everyone.  Few minority groups are as targeted against as Transgender groups are ?...
Interview With Southern Belle, TS Tyra Scott.
2012-06-25 21:09:00
   Tyra Scott, the sexy siren from the South joins us this week for her captivating interview!  A real Southern Belle from the great state of Virginia, she mixes brains with her natural beauty! Tyra?s one of those sexy professional women you always dream about with an obviously delicious naughty side.  She?s just getting started in the adult business, and with her beauty, attitude and personality, we know she?ll go far!  Tyra is an absolutely stunning, sexy professional woman who has little extra surprise for everyone!  She is amazing!  Be sure to check out all her links below and follow her daily fun on Twitter! Seditio: I see you are from Richmond, Virginia! A true southern belle! What was it like growing up in Virginia? Tyra Scott: So I am sure several of my fans and followers are confused by this question.  I admit I told a little white lie in my first ever video for where I said I was from South Carolina.  I to...
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Tasha Jones Interview With Wendy Summers
2012-06-14 07:05:00
  The beautiful and talented Tasha Jones will be interviewing the world's sexiest nerd, Wendy Summers this Sunday at 9:00 EST only on T-Girl!  Both of these girls are sexy, beautiful, fun and really smart so you really don't want to miss this! Be sure to follow them both on Twitter at:  @tsTashaJones &  @WendySummerscom
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T-Girl Dating Question.
2012-05-29 22:15:00
  We recently got a very good & important question from a user of ours.  We felt that instead of replying just to him, we?d make a new post.  This is a question that many guys looking for TS/TG Girls ask... "To whomever could advise....   I am a 32 yr old bi-sexual man in the closet and with the simple minded family i come from will have to live my entire life closeted. However, having failed relationship 1 after another with both men and women, i've always found myself waiting, looking, and/or hoping to find a transexual girl to have a relationship with for i find myself more attracted to women physically, but actually prefer men sexually. So the dilemma here is i love a beautiful woman, but they don?t have the parts i need to be happy in a relationship. I find it difficult to find a transgendered girl that has all the qualities even hopes and dreams that most women have as far as their man is concerned. what i mean with that is, like how do i go about pu...
Don't Miss Tahsa Jones' Podcast!!!
2012-04-14 07:47:00
  Be sure to check out Porn Talk this Sunday at 9:00pm Eastern only at T-Girl Radio !! The beautiful T-girl star Tasha Jones interviews the very sexy Jizelle Moore this Sunday, April 15th!    This is one poscast you DO NOT want to miss!  Trust us on this!!!!  Two beautiful and amazing girls talk all things TS/TG porn related!  Be sure to log into T-Girl Radio for all the fun! And be sure to follow both of these amazing people on Twiter!!! @tsTashaJones Tasha Jones @tsJizelleMoore Jizelle Moore
Transgender Beauty Queen!
2012-04-04 20:33:00
It's great to see that Miss Universe Canada has decided to include Jenna Talackova in their upcoming competition.  It's an great step towards equality and tolerance for all people!The entire article is here: Handout via Handout via Handout via
Interview With Wendy Summers
2012-03-28 19:26:00
Seditio: Wendy Summers is quickly becoming one of the TS community's rising adult stars with her beauty and intellect leading the way! She is a personal favorite of mine not just because she is beautiful, but because she is intelligent, smart, funny and has a wit that you?d better not try to duel with! Her personality is awesome - she truly is one of the nicer people anywhere on Twitter and is an amazing person to follow. Tranny is excited and honored to have Wendy as our first ever interview and blog post! After reading this and spending some time on her website, we are convinced that she will be one of your favorites too!!!! If beauty and brains were a weapon, Wendy would be a ninja assassin!!! Wendy Summers: LOL... well that's one hell of an introduction... I'm glad to see all my bribes are paying off. And by bribes I mean filling your inbox with my cock shots. In all seriousness I'm flattered to be your first... I love fucking virgins.... huh, that wasn't very s...
Savannah Lynn Interview.
2012-03-25 11:14:00
 If you?re looking for a raven-haired, T-Girl beauty with the body of a goddess and a smile that can easily light up a room, then you have to look no further than Savannah .  A personal favorite of mine, she is as kind and classy as she is sexy and stunning - a real Southern Girl from Atlanta, USA, with a nice extra package you will love!! When you see her amazing body and her sweet smile she will instantly be a favorite of yours too!!  See & Follow hot american shemale on Twitter @TsSavannah and visit her site at:  TSSavannah !!!! --------------------------------------------------- Seditio: So, what made you want to get into the adult industry? Savannah:   I like to be seen. And honestly when I first started I didn't really think I would have many admirers. so I love the attention also. Makes me feel very pretty. Sed:  Well, you have one huge admirer for sure! ;-) Sed:  Do you think that you?ll get into the adult indust...
First Time.
2012-03-24 00:15:00
  Wow - if you have ever wondered what it would be like to be with a TS girl, this would be a great place to start.  Just got this from a ?friend? of mine who wanted to write about his first TSgirl experience.  Can?t say for sure if it?s 100% true, but who cares?  I do know that they were together so it?s probably very accurate!!                                                                                          Enjoy!From anonymous!     ---------------   Being in the entertainment industry and living in the LA areas means that I have a pretty diverse group of friends and colleagues.  Male, female, straight, gay, bi, transgendered ? I pretty much know someone from any group you can imagine!  That?s one of ...
TS Sweet Face Interview.
2012-03-21 18:17:00
   If you have never experienced a Latina T-girl than you are really missing out.  Typically, they are erotic, sexy and filled with 100% passion, and TS Sweet Face is no exception.  Just by looking at her pics you know why she picked that name!  She is curvy, exciting and fun!!  Definitely worth a Twitter follow and absolutely worth getting  a cam show from!!!Visit her soon!You will LOVE HER!!!                                                                                       Seditio: I read that you are from Puerto Rico!  That?s very cool - I hear it?s beautiful there. Have you ever been there?   Sweet Face:   Well i?m of puerto rican descent, i?m what you call a nuyorican..I?m from Jamaica Queens, Ny..I have ...
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