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The kinky life of married bisexual swingers

The kinky life of married bisexual swingers
Hot stories of sexy bisexual goup sex, threesomes, foursomes of a married couple


A Bisexual Threesome with a Girl
2012-01-26 10:08:00
We couldnt take the teasing any longer. We had talked about our fantasty of having a sexy girl join us in the bedroom and the thought of it made my pussy so wet and throbbing, i needed to feel the touch of a girl, i needed my tounge in her pussy and i just wanted to fuck her so bad.Of course Mr felt the same way, 2 girls pleasuring his dick with their mouths, fucking a pussy while watching her lick another pussy... it was all too much to take.We joined up to the adult websites to find a sexy girl to fuck and it wasnt long before we found her.The day of our encounter came and we checked into an amazing room in an expensive hotel, The anticipation was driving us crazy, Him with a huge, hard dick that was about to explode and me with my dripping pussy.Candice arrived and she was gorgeous, big, soft tits and a nice round ass she had a beautiful face and shoulder length soft dark hair. I immedietly wanted her tongue and fingers inside me.We all started to kiss passionately, it was so inc...
Threesomes, foursomes and more!! Where we find them!
2012-01-26 09:36:00
This site is SO FANTASTIC, we love looking through all the profiles together to find who we want to get naughty with! I love to suck my husbands dick while he tells me which guys and girls he wants us to fuck. We then email them and set up a hot encounter.Everyone should get together with their Husband, Wife or Partner and do the same, we always have the hottest sex while doing this!We have found HEAPS of people on here.. Give it a try.. its free to join and we get emails everyday from people wanting to have sex with us ;)You can also look at heaps of sexy pictures and webcams!!
Welcome xx - See some pictures of me! ;)
2012-01-26 09:30:00
all xxI am Bella from Australia, Im 26 and a Big and Busty Bisexual houswife, with a sexy, hot miner for a Husband. I love pussy as much as i love dick! and Husband loves dick just has much as he loves pussy xx so we have some kinky encounters xx We lead an amazing and kinky life behind closed doors and im opening that door for you Id love to share with you details of our swinging encounters and the other kinky fun and fantasies we have. Last night i decided to become a cam host and for some extra money. I had so much fun and spent most of the night with a vibrator in my wet pussy, the cam has audio so the viewers could hear how juicy it was. I kept sucking the vibator and tasting my pussy which tastes sooooo good, it was a huge turn on and i cant wait to do it again tonight! I love being a slut and doing what im told on cam! If ...
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