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Asian Sex Diary features harcore Asian sex videos from my travels all over Southeast Asia. Bargirls, MILFS, hot young Asian teens, wild threesomes and more
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Super hot Bell fucked by a white guy
2016-12-25 14:07:00
October 22, 2016 » Bell Wonderful day today! The model from that agency came over at 1pm. She seems to be Puy’s best friend and they often work together at fairs and malls. She arrived right on time (with black t-shirt of course). We talked a bit at first and decided to do this slowly. […]
King young dark haired babe blows a horny dude
2016-12-25 13:16:00
October 20, 2016 » King As promised, I went to the open-air fair that Puy talked to me about where it was supposed to have a lot of hostesses. When arrived, it was clear that I made the right decision going there. There was a car show with tuned cars and a lot of dressed-up […]
Slutty blonde Puy takes a dick deep in her pussy
2016-12-25 07:46:00
October 18, 2016 » Puy I was super-lucky today, guys. I went for a walk outside, ready to go hunting, when I saw a super-skinny model-type of girl sitting at the terraces of the little garden in front of my hotel. She looked like a Barbie all in pink and was talking with a ladyboy […]
Petite Pat loves big long cocks in her pussy
2016-12-25 07:36:00
October 16, 2016 » Pat Sometimes you just need to be lucky and be the right guy at the right time at the right place. That is what happened today. I woke up late and went to the local Starbucks-type of coffeeshop, not even bringing my camera because I just wanted to just grab a […]
Sexy Namwan enjoys a deep dicking
2016-12-25 07:30:00
October 14, 2016 » Namwan: Part 2 Finally! Namwan came over from her village today. Same as her friend, she arrived 2 hours late. She changed a bit since her first date with me. More chubby and more of a farmer girl. I decided to get the best out of it and just loved to […]
Mot gets a big load of cum on her hot ass
2016-12-25 07:22:00
October 11, 2016 » Mot Got a message back from Namwan this morning. It’s a girl I fucked on a previous visit to Chiang Mai, a typical province girl. She had a friend in her village that wanted to come over for a shoot. I had to pay her bus and a little extra. I […]
Upskirts at Bangkok airport
2016-12-25 07:09:00
October 9, 2016 » BKK upskirts Felt better this morning. It’s my last day before flying to Chiang Mai, so I hoped to score a girl in the mall. I really tried and talked with at least 4 girls but it just didn’t work out today. One wanted to go with me but no filming […]
Upskirts in the mall
2016-12-25 07:09:00
October 9, 2016 » BKK upskirts Felt better this morning. It’s my last day before flying to Chiang Mai, so I hoped to score a girl in the mall. I really tried and talked with at least 4 girls but it just didn’t work out today. One wanted to go with me but no filming […]
Oay gets fucked by Johntron’s huge awesome dick
2016-12-25 07:02:00
October 7, 2016 » Oay: Part 5 Oay came back to me, today, all dressed up like a princess! Beautiful… but she needed something, I was sure of it… otherwise she would not have come dressed that way. I was right. She wanted me to pay for her nose job!! We talked and I decided […]
Rooftop pool
2016-12-25 06:52:00
October 5, 2016 » Rooftop pool Had a chill day enjoying the rooftop swimming pool at my hotel. Ate something and looked at 2 Thai girls with one white dude. Damn, I wished I had those 2 girls. Then back to my room to book my tickets to fly to Chiang Mai next week. Guys, […]
Princess: Friendly Face Frosting
2016-12-24 04:20:00
Longtime Trike Patrol member and patrolman apprentice Steven was back in the Philippines once again for some new adventures. On this hunt, he found a lovely looking young Filipina in the middle of an enclosed park’s courtyard. Pretending to be lost, he asked where the nearest exit to find a trike was, and this friendly […]
Alice: Who The Fuck is She
2016-12-24 04:14:00
We love seeing our Trike Patrol disciples grow over the years. It’s a wonderful joy to watch everyday average joes give their hard-working middle fingers to societal “norms”. To travel to The Philippines on exciting, exotic pussy-getting adventures—and film it for the World to watch! That’s what Trike Patrol’s all about. It is what it’s […]
Rose: Raunchy Rendezvous
2016-12-24 03:40:00
With Steven back at it again in the Philippines for us, he experienced what all PI traveler’s invariably do when he met back up with a piece of “ass from the past”. Rose, a petite, perky peppy little dick fiend, was one of Steven’s first conquests more than a year ago. (see the first encounter […]
Nhica: Splooged Faced Fun
2016-12-24 03:33:00
Now as most of you surely know already, the Philippines has a funny way of grabbing you by the balls and not letting go once you’ve visited. That’s right, if you’ve made the trip, there’s really no going back to your “normal” life. You will invariably have “PI on the brain” for the rest of […]
JB: Pussy Grabbin’ for Amateurs
2016-12-24 03:23:00
This week we have another member submission from our pal Duke. He recently returned to Angeles City for some much-needed poontang and brought his cameras with him once again. While strolling along the Perimeter Road area, he noticed a cute young Pinay looking lonely. As with many of our conquests here, all that was required […]
Apple cute Thailand girlfriend posing fucking and sucking
2016-10-06 11:00:00
October 4, 2016 » Apple: Part 3 Apple came to me just after school, straight from her classes. I had asked her to wear no bra today and she did it. Good girl! She is so lovely and easy. Once she arrived, I took off my clothes and told her to suck my dick. I […]
Xiaocui Asian secretly watched taking a shower
2016-10-06 10:55:00
September 30, 2016 » Xiaocui: Shower I took it easy today and worked in my room but then Xiaocui arrived late at night, without warning. She needed money, so I fucked her for a short time. No shoot. I’ll be sure to never call her again. Sad to see that she changed so much. Ok […]
Qele sexy Chinese bitch getting horny mood and fuck
2016-10-06 10:51:00
September 28, 2016 » Qele: Part 3 I kept a little secret from you guys: I have been chatting with Qele all week to get her back for a shoot! I know that she has been one of the favorites here and there are plenty of reasons for this. Likely the big boobs, her horny […]
Horny Chinese girl Mandy tested by various toys and cock
2016-10-06 10:46:00
September 27, 2016 » Mandy is back As I said yesterday, I expected Mandy today. She came… but very late. Normally she’d come at 5pm but she arrived at 8pm,instead. She brought a friend that left before we had sex. I like Mandy for her super skinny body and flat bony ass. She really excites […]
Hot Chinese chick Xiaocui sucking and fucking
2016-10-06 10:43:00
September 26, 2016 » Xiaocui is back So, I had my surprise guest today: Xiaocui, a very popular girl amongst my members here. I made a lot of videos with her already and I was really happy to meet her again. I even gave her a gift. Somehow she was in a strange mood today, […]
Cute Asian girl Shumei sucks and fucks lucky white cock
2016-10-06 10:39:00
September 25, 2016 » Shumei: Part 2 I woke up this morning so early and so horny, that I called a mamasan to bring me a new girl… but it was somehow too early and she only had Shumei available. That girl had promised me a shoot, so I said “yes” anyways. She arrived at […]
Hot chinese girl Tawtaw mastrubate and fucked hard
2016-10-06 10:36:00
September 24, 2016 » Tawtaw: Part 3 Tawtaw came for the third time today and this time, it was for a shoot with my best camera. It was great, again. She is really making me super-horny with her super-skinny ass. She loves to get banged and that makes it all that much more fun. By […]
Chinese bitch Shumei likes all races when it comes to sex
2016-10-06 10:32:00
September 23, 2016 » Shumei Just when I was going outside to go eat, there was a marvelous girl going down with me in the elevator. Skinny, long legs and cute… I wanted her. I followed her outside, to where her mamasan was waiting for her. I talked with her and the girl seemed to […]
Sexy Asian Xiao Mei loves sucking on cock
2016-10-06 10:29:00
September 22, 2016 » Xiao Mei: Part 2 Today I waited for Xiao Mei, the little starfish that was delivered a few days ago. This girl did not show much emotion but I really liked her body and her China-doll make-up style, so I asked her to come back… but only if she would agree […]
Walking around / Upskirts in Changping
2016-10-06 10:25:00
September 21, 2016 » Walking around / Upskirts in Changping Went shopping today. Headed to the biggest mall in town, did some upskirts, filmed a hot long-legged girl in a restaurant (for sure the fuck-doll of an older guy she was eating with) and then back to my room. Got messages from different girls and […]
Cặc to bự đút ngập lồn khít gái xinh dâm
2016-07-04 12:49:00
Xem tôi đụ nhau với bạn trai trên bàn và cái buồi bự xuất tinh dịch lên khuôn mặt của tôi. Đây là video cuối cùng trước chuyến đi đến Rome của tôi. Tôi có ý định thủ dâm trước khi địt nhau nhưng cơn nứng lồn của tôi không cho phép tôi làm vậy, […]
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