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Asian Sex Diary features harcore Asian sex videos from my travels all over Southeast Asia. Bargirls, MILFS, hot young Asian teens, wild threesomes and more
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Barhooping at Bangla Rd last time before leaving
2017-02-28 04:45:00
February 17, 2017 » Barhopping Bangla Rd last time Last night in town and my last chance to score a gogo girl before leaving to Bangkok. Found a nice gogo, where I talked with 4 different girls and got a “NO” each time. Damn, this was not my week. Very disappointed about Phuket, I must […]
Gin: Sweet n skinny Thai freelancer in a rush to get double creampied
2017-02-28 04:39:00
February 16, 2017 » Gin Went for a long walk, today. First the beach and then shopping mall. I have been thinking a lot about the difficulties of this week and there must be only one reason: high season, too many tourists and too many young guys paying and tipping the girls way too much. […]
Beach walk in Phuket
2017-02-28 04:36:00
February 15, 2017. Decided to visit the beach, today, and that was a good idea. Sexy asses everywhere. I filmed them and I followed them everywhere. A bit of personal torture, as well. I need pussy… urgently! I will go shopping tomorrow and see if I can find any there.
Going out to Bangla Rd. again
2017-02-28 04:31:00
February 14, 2017. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I really hoped to score tonight. Went back an forth on Bangla Rd, to bars and gogo’s, only to end up in a rock bar with terrible drunk people. No luck today on such a romantic night. No news from the ladyboys or Dew. Better tomorrow, I hope.
Dew: 19yo fat ass Thai girl next door
2017-02-27 19:59:00
February 13, 2017 » Dew I was kind of desperate, today. How do I get new girls here in Phuket? I checked my contact list but could not find any girl from here until I realized that there was Dew, a girl that I shot in Bangkok before, for TukTuk Patrol. I did not remember […]
Bar hopping at Bangla Rd.
2017-02-27 19:55:00
February 12, 2017. Back to Bangla, tonight, trying to find another hot bargirl. Sat down in the big Tiger beer bar place and tried to convince a stunning girl with an amazing ass. I filmed her ass when she was dancing, by placing my iPhone on the table while filming. Easy and good shot. The […]
Going out to Bangla Rd.
2017-02-27 19:50:00
February 11, 2017. Back to hunting tonight, walking streets in Phuket. Just look at the excitement in the street. So much pussy, so little time. I am really amazed sometimes, just to walk around and see all these things. Crazy people, tourists and hot chicks. Is this paradise or hell? It’s paradise, of course. Either […]
Golf: 23yo Phuket bargirl with great body
2017-02-27 19:48:00
February 10, 2017 » Golf Went to Bangla Rd again tonight, this time ready to barfine any girl who would agree to a shoot. It was not easy and I had to visit many gogo bars. The bad thing about the gogos here is that they are more expensive than Pattaya or Bangkok and they […]
Partying with crazy “girls” at bar in Phuket, Thailand
2017-02-27 19:41:00
February 8, 2017 » Going out in Phuket, Thailand I had a good sleep and took a long rest to prepare for partying in Phuket, tonight. I met with my new ladyboy friend for a bite to eat and then I went to her beer bar at night, in the famous walking street full of […]
Video chat with Phuket girl & Brazilians with no panties!
2017-02-27 19:35:00
February 4, 2017. Chatted with the girl from Phuket, this morning, but I really think she is in fact a ladyboy. Just watch the video and let me know what you guys think. You can also see how painful it can be to chat with Asian girls. Bad connection, bad quality, saying nothing, other girls […]
Beach walk and swim in Batam
2017-02-27 19:21:00
February 3, 2017. Woke up early and went for a long walk on the beach. Saw some girls, all white chicks with fat ugly asses. Not suitable for Asian Sex Diary, at all. Also jumped into the water, filmed a litlle and then went back to my room. Tomorrow is my last day in town […]
Felly (Part 2): Phat ass Indonesian MILF returns for more
2017-02-27 19:13:00
February 2, 2017 » Felly: Part 2 Ok guys, first… the bad news: both girls that I showed you yesterday canceled for today. One was sick, the other had a customer already that booked her for a week. Damn, I had to restart all over again. So, I started to chat to try to find […]
Walk and swimming in Batam
2017-02-27 18:50:00
February 1, 2017. Went for a long walk today and ended up swimming in the pool at my hotel. Only old people swimming. Back to my room… I chatted with 2 girls, both 21, that are ready to meet me tomorrow. I have to make a choice now. The naughty one with nice legs… or […]
Felly: Phat-assed Indonesian MILF with big nipples
2017-02-27 18:33:00
January 31, 2017 » Felly The girl that I chatted with yesterday did not reply to me all day. Damn. So, I started to chat with other ladies until I got one who could come over immediately. Her name is Felly, a 28yo MILF. I could have fucked anything by now, so I was happy […]
Pics of chat girls
2017-02-27 18:22:00
January 30, 2017. Guys, today is a very special day! It’s the fifth anniversary of my diary!! Can you imagine?! It’s almost surreal for me, I must say. It all started as a small personal diary of my holidays to the Philippines, and look what it became!! Even if there were reasons enough to celebrate, […]
Lita: Busty & curvaceous Indonesian KTV screamer!
2017-02-27 18:08:00
January 28, 2017 » Lita I went back to the KTV in my hotel, tonight. Remember that I went there 2 days ago and did not find a girl to my liking. Tonight, it was different. There was a girl in the lineup that I liked, instantly. A typical Indonesian girl with a nice ass […]
Zue: Fields Ave Filly
2017-02-26 14:54:00
Look how easy it is to get Filipina girls on Fields Avenue in Angeles City. Fields Avenue in Angeles City at night. There’s no place like it in the World. The sexual energy in the air is palpable. Thousands of hot and ready Filipina girls just begging to be fucked. The odds are not merely […]
Mee Part 2: The Morning Workout
2017-02-22 04:15:00
Hey guys, John here again. I’m hoping that you guys like this episode. A lot of you asked to see more morning sex and being a big fan of that type of morning workout, myself, I decided to share this episode with you in this format. In case you don’t remember, I posted the night […]
Mee Part 1: Meeting & Going Out
2017-02-22 04:10:00
Hey guys, John here this time. Mee was introduced to me by a common friend of ours, Milk. We decided to go out in Pat Pong and visit the bars. Later on, I ended up taking a tuktuk back to my room, with Mee in-tow 🙂 Unfortunately, after being out for while, she was quite […]
Maria: Manila Bay Lay
2017-02-12 11:33:00
So our friend Steven is back in Manila for another short visit. He starts this one off with a walk down to the famous bayside area to take in the salty sea air and ample opportunities for easy welcome Pinay puki. It didn’t take long before a sprightly LBFM sauntered up to him and asked […]
Night at Mickeys
2017-02-09 16:09:00
September 5, 2015. I had a quiet day today. At night, Aline and I went to eat at the fancy and expensive restaurant ‘La terrace des Elephants’. Delicious, for sure. After that, we went to Mickeys bar where all my girls were waiting for me. Althea, Lina and my new big love, Nabb. We sat […]
Yen: I can’t wait to see her naked body
2017-02-09 04:18:00
April 10, 2015 » Yen meetin I stayed in my hotel today to solve some internet problems and work on the new points system that will soon be on this site but I got a message in the evening from the mamasan telling me that she had a girl for me so just before eating, […]
Malay chat / Night-market
2017-02-08 04:55:00
August 18, 2014 » Malay chat Pt2 / Night-market I went to the night market and was kind of disappointed. It’s all the same stuff you can find in Thailand or Vietnam. I am getting bored of these tourist traps. Went to a pub street to see if there were nice girls, but no. Ladyboys […]
Rosa: Last night together / BJ
2017-01-31 14:50:00
January 25, 2017. As I told you, Rosa had been screaming for my attention the last 5 days, so now that I was back in the centre of the city, I expected her to show up. Normally she would have come by this afternoon when I arrived in my new hotel but I got no […]
Alluring Chacha stimulates her cunt with big cock
2017-01-31 14:42:00
January 24, 2017 » Chacha Went for a walk this morning, only to find out that there was nobody at the beach again. This place is really not a monger hotspot. It’s more like a family holiday location. No pussy here. As I was getting messages from Rosa, all the time, I decided to make […]
Sexy Asian Noni darling mesmerizes with superb blowjob
2017-01-31 13:43:00
January 21, 2017 » Noni Had breakfast in my new hotel, this morning. It’s really full of kids here. Not a good place to stay. Sat outside to relax, when a very average-looking lady said “hello” to me. Had a talk with her, just to be friendly, when she suddenly started to flirt heavily with […]
Rosa chick loves to get sperm in her magic mouth
2017-01-31 13:08:00
January 19, 2017 » Rosa: Morning I was just too tired for a proper shoot last night, so we did it this morning. You know that I am a big fan of morning sex. There is no better way to start the morning than by shooting all your load in a narrow sleeping pussy. We […]
Hairy pussy schoolgirl Rosa gets torched with hard fuck
2017-01-31 10:47:00
January 17, 2017 » Rosa: Part 2 I went straight to Campung Bule tonight, to pick up Rosa. She was still as sexy as before… and as crazy. Man, this girl never stops talking, amazing. Anyways, after playing pool and getting my ass badly beaten at it, we went to my hotel for my turn […]
Cute Praew chick has a lusty fetish for cock sucking
2017-01-31 10:33:00
January 14, 2017 » Praew: Part 2 As I told you yesterday, I planned to fuck Praew (that super skinny Soi Nana freelancer) again today. She came right on time and I just enjoyed fucking this skinny slut so much. Such a bony ass with a fat pussy in between, wow. So Horny! She came […]
Hot Pey’s cousin gets an intense anal fuck
2017-01-31 10:20:00
January 12, 2017 » Pey’s cousin Had my date and shoot with a family member of Pey’s, again. This time, we met at the Skytrain exit and went to the cousin’s apartment. I expected this to be fun… and it was! They were in a good mood and everything went from horny to the absurd, […]
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