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Asian Sex Diary features harcore Asian sex videos from my travels all over Southeast Asia. Bargirls, MILFS, hot young Asian teens, wild threesomes and more
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Apple: Fall in love
2017-01-10 11:22:00
Welcome back to the streets of Bangkok on our tour for new pussy! Mid-evening, John takes a tour in the tuktuk around the park and along the streets to find a new girl to film, fuck and blast with his DNA. On the hunt, John and the driver were looking for a lonely-looking girl standing […]
Horny Asian teen Ying fucks hardcore
2017-01-02 09:15:00
October 29, 2016 » Ying This is Ying, a 19yo student and future top-model. Probably the cutest girl I have ever seen in Thailand. Have been chatting with her for 3 months to arrange a date with her. Met her on the Date In Asia site. This video is 45 minutes long, shot with my […]
Cute Chinese Shumei is happy and squirting
2017-01-02 08:35:00
October 10, 2016 » Shumei This was the third time that I met Shumei. She didn’t want to do a proper shoot the first two times, but here you have a great 30 minute video filming her up close and in POV. This lovely 18yo Chinese sweetheart has a perfect small ass and nice round […]
Ru teen body is exposed and her pussy is filled by marks dick
2017-01-02 08:30:00
November 14, 2015 » Ru Here’s a ‘lost’ video from my time in Jakarta back in 2013. I met this girl, Ru, in a street and I talked with her. She was a typical street girl, bored as hell with nothing to do and easy to bring to my room. She was 19yo at that […]
Sexy Asian Rachel couple leaked homemade sex
2017-01-02 08:10:00
October 14, 2015 » Rachel Rachel is my favorite bargirl in AC from the Dirty Duck bar. I never had seen such a skinny and petite girl in my entire life. She turned me on wildly and I barfined her many times. She was 18yo from Cebu. I truly liked her a lot. After a […]
Two beautiful women get fucked by a big dick
2017-01-02 05:04:00
December 12, 2015 » Princess 3some You have seen some video of Princess from Angeles already in this diary. I found another one that I totally must have missed in the past. This lost episode was shot back in 2012. Princess brought her aunty, a good fat MILF along with her. We made this nice […]
Three big boobs chicks share a huge donger in 4some
2017-01-02 03:54:00
July 24, 2016 » Princess & Nicole Princess and Nicole both have their own videos here on ASD but here’s a video with them together. Nice 4some BJ and mainly fucking Nicole that day. 6 mins.
Pinay audition: Sissi
2017-01-02 03:38:00
October 14, 2015 » Pinay audition: Sissi In my series of unforgettable auditions for Trike Patrol, here is Sissi. She was just 18yo when I met her in one of the bars of AC. I didn’t barfine her but got her phone number. Next day, I called her and she came over. Of course, she […]
Cute Asian Mook in awesome POV action with her boyfriend
2017-01-02 03:33:00
August 9, 2016 » Mook I met this lovely Thai lady in Koh Samui. I was walking down a street when I saw a nice young body walking in front of me. I managed to talk to her and found out that she had just came back from her work. Her name is Mook, a […]
Fucking Meem gives you a sense of joy and contentment
2016-12-31 12:00:00
August 21, 2016 » Meem: Part 2 Part 2 with Meem, the beautiful sweetheart from Koh Samui. I met this girl in a restaurant on 03/31/2016 and already did one shoot with her. This second shoot now was even better. She was giving some kisses on my dick and pleased me with a long BJ […]
Meem is begging to be fucked on her shaved pussy
2016-12-31 11:56:00
May 29, 2016 » Meem I met Meem in Koh Samui, one night at a restaurant. I tried to convince her to go with me, but she had to think about it. I kept in touch and just one week later, just before leaving town, she came over for a shoot. 19yo Meem is a […]
May amateur Asian girlfriend getting her wet cunt blasted
2016-12-31 11:23:00
November 30, 2016 » May: Part 3 May never stopped sending me messages. This girl is so skinny, so lovely and so perfect that I could never, ever, say “No” to her. So here she is, one of my all-time favorites with yet another shoot!
May cock hungry pussy got served with a big cock
2016-12-31 11:20:00
June 16, 2016 » May: Part 2 Great shoot. Perfect for this segment of your website. John, I think my favorite has got to be Chris and Lexi from Hong Kong. That has to be the two most amazing girls on your website. Also the Vietnamese model you screwed in Europe was an absolute diamond, […]
May’s hairy pussy gets licked and fucked
2016-12-31 11:11:00
February 9, 2016 » May This 18yo super-skinny, tall Thai bargirl is an amazing trophy for my diary. This girl is a perfect 10 for me. Super cute, typical young girl that Japanese customers like. I had to talk with her bar owner to make this shoot possible. Not easy, but I did it. This […]
Schoolgirl Marjorie learns how to suck cock
2016-12-31 11:06:00
July 10, 2016 » Marjorie I met Marjorie on an internet chat and I made one of my first episodes with her here on ASD. I still have another video of her. This video was not made to be used but it’s still exciting to watch. She is giving me a hell of a BJ […]
Maribel, Asian cutie loved deepthroating cock
2016-12-31 11:00:00
October 14, 2015 » Maribel Maribel is beautiful! Tiny, dark, sweet tight ass, perfect perky tits with nice eraser tip nipples! A real dream! Love her! Very cute girl, really liked how you braced her head for the creampie finish, reminds me of how I do it.
Cindy shaved pussy Chinese loli creampie
2016-12-31 10:38:00
September 29, 2016 » Cindy Here is the rewards video of super-sweet and petite Cindy, an 18yo Chinese BBS girl, fresh from the province. Nice video of 35 minutes long with her being all over me and being very funny. I am teaching her all kinds of English words. Great scene. Unlock for 600 miles.
Trike Patrol May’s audition
2016-12-31 10:32:00
July 3, 2016 » Trike Patrol May’s audition The trikepatrol members may remember May and April, the two sisters I shot a time ago. May was the older sister and I still have a video of her. It’s her audition tape. It’s a 6 min video, well shot and handheld.
Mina: Baby got back, and that’s a FACT!
2016-12-31 10:27:00
October 14, 2015 » TuktukPatrol’s Mina I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t immediately think of Sir Mix A Lot when I first seen this beauty’s bodacious, curvaceous and plump ass. And, John would be lying if he said this girl didn’t set off every sex-radar in his body the moment this curvy […]
Young sexy teen fucks until Catrin orgasms
2016-12-25 19:31:00
December 22, 2016 » Catrin My last morning here could not be any better. Mutmee’s roommate, and cleaning lady of my hotel, came to wake me up at 8am as promised. She opened the curtain and sat next to me, instantly grabbing my dick. This was going to be a good horny MILF treatment, I […]
Sexy skinny Mutmee bitch sucks and fucks large cock
2016-12-25 19:28:00
December 21, 2016 » Mutmee morning Last night, Mutmee came to my room, secretly, to sleep. It was late so we did not fuck but we did it in the morning and it was great again. At least now we had the time to shoot and fuck. After that, she prepared herself because she had […]
Sexy Thai girl with small tits gets fucked
2016-12-25 19:23:00
December 20, 2016 » Beerbar pickup As I promised yesterday, I did check out the bars here. Nice little corner with 10 bars and some cute girls. Mostly MILFs. I talked with a few. A younger girl I wanted to take did not like to be filmed. Another one, a very skinny 27yo did not […]
Mutmee gets big cock rammed in all her holes
2016-12-25 19:17:00
December 18, 2016 » Mutmee ST: Part 2 Woke up early and went for another walk around my hotel, waiting to get a message from my sweetheart. I did not have to wait long, this time. At 10:20AM, she sent me a message telling me to be ready for fucking, nude, upon her arrival. She […]
Petite Mutmee enjoys a good hard cock
2016-12-25 19:13:00
December 17, 2016 » Mutmee Third day in Koh Chang and Mutmee had promised to meet up with me today for a good fuck. By this morning, I still had no messages from her, so I went for a walk in the hotel, trying to find her working but there were other girls in charge. […]
Koh Chang beach
2016-12-25 19:06:00
December 16, 2016 » Koh Chang beach Took my time today exploring my hotel and looking for potential pussy and plans of attack. The good news is that it’s a great hotel with a beautiful beach in front. There’s even a nice pool with some hot foreigner chicks. The bad news is that it’s not […]
Shopping, Mutmee videochat (Part 2)
2016-12-25 19:00:00
December 14, 2016 » Shopping, Mutmee videochat: Part 2 After 2 great fuck-days, I had time to relax and go shopping. Just before I left, I finally got a message back from Mutmee and it was fucking awesome. Just watch the video she made in one of the hotel rooms where she works. She delivered […]
Bee lovely women got fucked by her horny neighbor
2016-12-25 18:57:00
December 13, 2016 » Bee Moved to another hotel this morning, worked the whole afternoon and went to eat at night. I sat there alone in a restaurant when suddenly, 2 girls and a ladyboy were looking for a table. One girl was smiling at me, so I invited them to my table. I honestly […]
Pretty teen Fon opens her mouth for a squirting cock
2016-12-25 18:51:00
December 12, 2016 » Fon: Part 3 Had my long-expected date with Fon, in her school uniform, today and it was even better than I expected. I just loved that uniform, so cute, and of course, It was great again to fuck her. That Spanish ass and that perfect small pussy! After we were done, […]
Chat with Mutmee / Mint shower
2016-12-25 18:44:00
December 10, 2016 » Chat with Mutmee / Mint shower I got a message from Mint last night, a girl that I once shot for Tuktuk Patrol. She needed money and asked if she could come over. Bargirls are having a hard time since the mourning of their King. They are all looking for extra […]
Fang slutty girl masturbates her tight pussy across the bed
2016-12-25 18:41:00
December 6, 2016 » Fang I had no big plans for today, as I already had a trophy last night, so I just went shopping and looked for a restaurant to eat at in Terminal 21 Mall. After 10 minutes of walking, I stood on a stairway next to a very innocent-looking girl. The type […]
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